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Stephen Colbert Taking Over from David Letterman Is Not Exactly for the Best!

CBS has announced that Stephen Colbert will take over The Late Show when David Letterman retires in 2015.( So far most people are regarding this take over as a promotion for Stephen Colbert.  Even the people who loathe Colbert seem to agree that it is a promotion.  Rush Limbaugh has already said that CBS had proved it had a liberal bias when it made its decision.( Limbaugh, however, did not consider whether Stephen Colbert might face some restrictions on what he says on The Late Show.

My main concern is that Stephen Colbert will stop him from providing the normal political satire that he produces on The Colbert Report.  I have not watched The Late Show in a while, but I would not say it is by any means as highly political as The Colbert Report.  If Mr. Colbert is limited in what he says on the show we can celebrate the fact that Rush is wrong again.  The nation, however, will become deprived of the insight that Stephen Colbert provides.  Liberals have rallied themselves around  The Colbert Report.

While there are other speakers for the liberal cause, there is the question of whether they can attract the following that Colbert has attracted.  Jon Stewart is not liberal in the same sense that Colbert is.  He does attack Democrats for their inconsistencies much more than Colbert.  I  admire The Daily Show and Jon Stewart too, but neither Jon Stewart nor The Daily Show are intended to be speaking entirely for the liberal cause.

Comedy Central, furthermore, could lose a lot of viewership from Colbert’s departure.  That could reduce The Daily Show‘s viewership too.

I think Stephen Colbert is better off saying what he wants on his own show.  He has already acquired a lot of fame and money through The Colbert Report.


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