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Government Confiscating Tax Refunds Of Children Over Parents’ Debts – UPDATED

No, the title is not some sort of late April Fool’s joke, although I suppose in some weird way maybe it is. After all, April 15 is tax day. But this joke isn’t remotely funny.

Got plans for your refund? Better hope your parents didn’t die owing the government money then, because if they did, you might have to change your plans.

The government is now going through old records to see if it overpaid people on Social Security. If it thinks it did, it can now seize the IRS tax refund checks of the CHILDREN of those people it thinks it overpaid.

I guess if all the lies about why Social Security benefits had to be cut or the young would get nothing when they reached retirement age didn’t start a generational war, the US Government figured it would just have to increase the amount of pressure to get things really rolling.

This isn’t a proposal—it’s already happening. For the past three years, the government has been confiscating hundreds of thousands of Americans’ tax refunds, according to the Washington Post. It has already confiscated $1.9 billion in tax refunds this year alone.

The amazing thing is that the government is doing this even if it has little or no proof and no exact details. And the letters the government sends to unsuspecting taxpayers are frightening, use accusatory language, and include other financial threats.

There’s a shocker. The US Government doing something to ordinary Americans despite no proof and doing it in an intimidating manner. Anti-war activists, environmental protestors, and Occupiers everywhere are probably shocked, SHOCKED at hearing this.

But as with most things involving our federal government, it gets better.

No one seems eager to take credit for reopening all these long-closed cases. A social security spokeswoman says the agency didn’t seek the change; ask Treasury. Treasury says it wasn’t us; try Congress. Congressional staffers say the request probably came from the bureaucracy.

Wow! Another shocker. No one is responsible for this outrage. But just in case you were wondering whether this really did have anything to do with ratcheting up that generational warfare or the debate over cutting social security benefits because it’s in trouble, well wonder no longer.

The only explanation the government provides for suddenly going after decades-old debts comes from Social Security spokeswoman Dorothy Clark: “We have an obligation to current and future Social Security beneficiaries to attempt to recoup money that people received when it was not due.

That’s right you ungrateful pissants peasants. How dare you stop any Grand Bargain by swamping the Congressional switchboards and mail rooms demanding social security benefits not be cut. We’ll show you who has the real power around here.

Ain’t it fun living with fascism??


I somehow missed this in my original read through of the Washington Post link.

The aggressive effort to collect old debts started three years ago — the result of a single sentence tucked into the farm bill lifting the 10-year statute of limitations on old debts to Uncle Sam.

So apparently this is the result of a sentence added to the farm bill that not a single politician is willing to claim responsibility for adding.

***That’s okay, funny thing about responsibility, sometimes it can still be traced. I’ll tell who is responsible for that single sentence and this new power grab. Every single politician that voted for the Farm Bill in the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate is responsible for that, and every other sentence in that farm bill, as well as the President of the United States for signing it.

Yes, we’re looking at you Obama. Another big shocker.



The changes were made to Section 14219 of the 2008 Farm Bill, not the 2012 Farm Bill (which was basically just an extension of the 2008 Farm Bill). Which means the President at the time was George W. Bush, not Obama. Also, George W. Bush owns no responsibility for this because he never signed the 2008 Farm Bill. It was passed and vetoed by Bush, but his veto was over ridden and it became law.

However, these tactics of seizing tax refunds of children over their parents debts didn’t start until 3 years ago, when the head of the Executive Branch was President Obama. So despite the language passing in 2008, the policy of seizing tax refunds of children for their parents debts didn’t begin until Obama was President, and as such, it is still he who is responsible for this policy change.

I apologize for the error/confusion. This was my error, not an error at the links provided above. My apologies to all for the confusion and I would like to thank commenter sparrows for pointing out my error in the comments. Thank you.

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