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The Bureau of Prisons Will Either Keep Their Promise or Keep Whistleblower John Kiriakou From His Family

The Bureau of Prisons is threatening to keep CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou from his wife and kids by refusing to honor their deal to transfer him to a halfway house by May 1st.

John’s struggle with the Bureau of Prisons comes on the heels of news that the Senate Intelligence Committee has voted to declassify part of a far-reaching report on CIA torture. The agency is currently under fire after Senator Feinstein alleged they hacked her committee’s private network to remove documents pertaining to the investigation. With the media’s attention focused on the torture program, we must remind the public and members of Congress that it was John who blew the whistle and rally them to his defense.

Many Americans probably don’t even realize the only person to go to prison over CIA torture is the man who pulled back the curtain on it; let alone that the same man is currently suffering reprehensible indignities while serving out that sentence. With your help, we can work to make sure John’s story is part of the critical debate over CIA torture.

Firedoglake has reported on the conditions of John’s imprisonment since the beginning, publishing his ‘Letters from Loretto,’ visiting him in prison and raising the profile of his case in the media. We’ve also been working to organize activists to write letters, make over 1,500 phone calls and lobby their own members of Congress to support John.

But with time running out, we need to escalate our efforts. We are working on bringing together community allies to make sure the Bureau of Prisons grants John the full 9 months in a halfway house that he was promised. In order to do bigger and more impactful actions, we need to broaden our base of support across the country.

Can you please donate $15+ to recruit activists in support of John Kiriakou?

Those who have been following John’s story already know the abuses he’s suffered while in prison: Officials have conducted surprise searches of his cell, attempted to remove his writing desk and threatened him with ‘diesel therapy.’

Later this month, the Bureau of Prisons is set to formally decide on how much time he will get in a halfway house, where he can be closer to his friends and family.

But after reporting that the BOP was going back on their deal, FDL’s Kevin Gosztola and Jane Hamsher visited him at Loretto and found the bureau was going even further by threatening to reduce John’s halfway house time to a mere 86 days in a location far from his family.

The BOP appears to be ramping up the pressure on Kiriakou, which means we need to double down in his defense. Please donate today to recruit more activists to this important campaign so we can do more to help John Kiriakou.

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Brian Sonenstein

Brian Sonenstein

Publishing Editor at Shadowproof and columnist at Prison Protest.