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The community that began with Southern Dragon’s Lakeside Diner continues. Today we collect news from outside the usual, and renew the discussion.

Recommendations to change passwords were issued to internet users as a major security breach exposed personal data to hackers.  Canada delayed online tax filing to accommodate the potential dangers.

The flaw, which is known as Heartbleed and affects systems that are designed to protect sensitive information, has major websites around the world rushing to patch a hole that leaves users’ passwords vulnerable to exploitation.

Demands by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu include that a “Jewish state” be recognized by the parties, shutting out the participation of other religions in government.

The ostensibly pragmatic land-for-peace approach is one that says the parties will never agree on a historical narrative and must look to the future instead. But the Jewish state demand undercuts this and demands Palestinians accept the Israeli narrative that securing Jewish majoritarianism in Palestine was morally justified even if it necessitated destroying Palestinian society and created masses of Palestinian refugees. Asking Palestinians to make a deal that focuses on the future is one thing, but asking them to accept the crimes committed against them is another altogether. It is unbecoming of a party that claims to want a just peace…recognition of a ‘Jewish state’ by Palestinians and by extension the US and the rest of the world that would accept agreements on such terms, would not only lend credibility to past measures to maintain a Jewish majority but it will also enable future ones.

The death toll from Ebola virus in Guinea has topped 100 as the disease spreads into an area never touched by it before, leading WHO officials to name this an ‘unprecedented’ event.

The most severe strains have had a 90 percent fatality rate, and there is no vaccine, cure or specific treatment.

The outbreak has sparked fear in Guinea, where a mob in the south of the country last week attacked international aid workers, whom they blame for bringing the haemorrhagic fever.

Each side in Ukraine continues to blame the other for dissension there, but claiming they are native residents became a little harder for the pro-Russian faction in Kharkiv, Ukraine, as they took over the wrong building.  In the captured Opera House, the Valkyries were unperturbed, no doubt, and the fat lady did not sing.

In Kharkiv, tensions rose as pro-West supporters from Kiev went to the city to support their new government. Pro-Russian activists in that city stormed public buildings on Sunday and on Monday they accidentally stormed the city’s opera house, which they mistook for the mayor’s office. A union of coal miners also said they would not support any measure that would divide Ukraine.


White House spokesman Jay Carney echoed that sentiment as well, saying, ‘There is strong evidence suggesting some of these demonstrators were paid.’

Leftist historian and diplomat Luis Solis won the presidency in Costa Rica, aiming to fight corruption and poverty, succeeding in his goal to turn out more than a million voters in a campaign marked by lack of stridency.  His only real opponent, Johnny Arraya, had ceased campaigning as a waste of money.

Speaking to a crowd of flag-waving supporters, the winning candidate said that the polls showed ‘there is a unquestionable demand for change, for things not to carry on as they have, and I aim, with the help of God and the support of all of you, to bring you those changes that you’re clamouring for.’

He also effusively thanked his supporters via Twitter.


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Ruth Calvo

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