US Rep Jim McGovern (D-Ma) Voted to Back Ukraine Nazis 3 Times: Protest at His Noho Ofc Every Tuesday at 1:15pm — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)


US Congressman Jim McGovern, the [Worcester] Massachusetts Democrat, has now voted three times to back the Ukraine’s Nazi Coup (UNC). All the Democrats who voted voted to back the Nazis. Almost all the Republicans who voted voted to back the Nazis too. There are no Independents or members of Third Parties in the US House of “Representatives.”

The new appropriation makes more than $20 Billion that the United States has given the Nazi coalition Government there, including more than $5 Billion to help the Nazis take over. Those numbers are Billions with a B.

If you think that they won’t use that $20,000,000,000 to crack down on Jews and others not favored by the Nazis, you’re either delusional, or you’re lying about what you think.

The US-sponsored crackdown on Jews has begun. Putting the Nazi Parties in charge of homeland security, as the Obama Administration has done in the Ukraine, is analogous to putting the KKK in charge here.

The entire Massachusetts US Congressional delegation voted to aid the Nazis in the Ukraine, and the whole delegation is Democratic Party. But – and it’s a big but – the two Mass. US Congressmen with higher political ambitions, skills, and possibilities – Michael Capuano and Stephen Lynch, one of whom may be Governor or Senator someday – both of them refused to vote on two of the three bills.

This may be because Capuano and Lynch realize that supporting Nazis is wrong, and that their constituents know that it’s wrong, and that their constituents (and other future[!] constituents) may be angered by them supporting Nazis.

Unfortunately, by merely abstaining, instead of voting against installing the first European Nazi Government since Hitler, Capuano and Lynch showed courage insufficient for higher office, albeit they’re much braver than nearly all Democrats in Government.

No matter where you are in the United States, your US Congressperson and both of your US Senators almost certainly voted to back the Nazis. These votes were nearly unanimous.

Which brings us to McGovern. The people here didn’t want him. He was forced on us. We had our own Congressman, John Olver, the farthest Left member of Congress, for many terms. He and fellow Massachusetts Democratic Congressman Barney Frank, both fine friends of Marijuana, were shoe-ins for reelection.

But then, the state Democratic Party/business coalition – known around here as the “Massachusetts Mafia” – decided to gerrymander, or “redistrict.” That meant that Olver and Barney had to “retire” [were fired], and our district was given to McGovern from Worcester, 65 miles away. I don’t know who they gave Barney Frank’s district to, but I’ll check it out when I get the chance.

So, to recap,  the Massachusetts Mafia gave our area (including Amherst and Northampton) to Jim McGovern, and he gave our area’s support to the Nazis. This is the third week I’ll be protesting at his Northampton [Massachusetts] office. Hopefully, not alone again.

Every week I’m at McGovern’s Northampton office at 1:15pm, in my flag/bunting/Uncle Sam pants, holding my notebook paper sign, with the international slash-through symbol meaning “no” over the Swastika – something like the Dead Kennedys/Jello Biafra poster that says “Nazi Punks Fuck Off,” but without the lettering.

The first week, it looked like someone in the office called the police on me. A police car showed up in a few minutes. The cop inside looked at my sign, then parked down the street, a block away. I only stay about ten minutes each week. The policeman did not approach me.

The second week, a man from McGovern’s office came out to speak with me, and noted that I had been there the week before. I told him my beef. I gave him a flier with a lot of writing explaining the problem – reprints of excerpts of things I’ve recently written here at

He seemed to not know about the problem. He went inside and looked something up. He came back out and asked if my problem was with his vote to give money to the Ukraine. I told him yes, and that I oppose all his votes to aid Nazis.

I told him that I think that nearly nobody in our area wants to support Nazis. I told him that for our area, Jim McGovern is the Nazi Ambassador, giving the world the impression that we in Amherst and Northampton, that we here in Massachusetts and the United States, that we support Nazis. We don’t. I don’t. I wish Jim McGovern didn’t.

This is the third week for me, my third Tuesday at Jim McGovern’s Northampton office. Come join me if you can, at 1:15pm sharp. We will leave at 1:25, before the Nazi enforcers get there to beat us.



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