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Wells Finn VW

Wells and Finn find booze and truth in a VW van

Aired April 2, 2014 on the CW Network. Produced by Jae Marchant. Co Producers: Tracy Bellomo, Kira Snyder. Producers: T.J. Brady & Rasheed Newson. Consulting Producer: Matt Miller.  Supervising Producer: Dean White.  Co-Executive Producer: Bruce Miller.  Executive Producers: Jason Rothenberg, Leslie Morgenstein, Gina Girolamo, Elizabeth Craft & Sarah Fain.  Developed by Jason Rothenberg from the book by Kass Morgan.  Written by Sara Fain & Elizabeth Craft.  Directed by Dean White.

When last we left our settlers, they had rescued Jasper but were blissfully unaware that they were being watched by an aggressive-looking masked creature that could very well be human.  Here are recaps of the Pilot and Episode 2.

Episode 3: Earth Kills **SPOILERS**

The episode opens in flashback.  We know we’re in flashback because of the bleached texture and desaturated tones — and because it says “one year ago.”  Councellor Jawa, Wells, Clarke and Clarke’s father Jake (Chris Browning) are amicably watching a 147 year-old soccer game. Abbey enters and tells Jake that she ran into someone at the clinic who has the systems analysis he asked for.  Jake looks concerned and leaves.

On earth Jasper still isn’t doing so hot.  Clarke is trying to heal him but the settlers are growing restless with his moaning.

When Clarke goes out to get clean water she encounters an pigtailed young girl named Charlotte who is crying in her sleep.  Clarke wakes her and tells her it was just a dream.  Charlotte tells her that her parents were floated and she sees it in her dreams.  She assaulted a guard when they were taking her parents’ things to the redistribution center and that’s how she wound up in jail.

Meanwhile a girl named Trina and a guy named Pascal who looks WAY over 18 have been wandering around, lost for two days.  As they kiss things go all urban legend and an orange fog suddenly surrounds them.  They die screaming.

The next morning Bellamy and Murphy practice throwing knives at a tree.  Atom arrives and says that searchers still can’t find Trina and Pascal.  “Could be grounders” he says.   Atom and Murphy agree that Jasper’s screams are unnerving everyone.  Bellamy says everyone will be fine when he comes back from hunting with more food.

Atom blows Octavia off and she blames Bellamy.  “Next time you decide to go on a power trip, leave me out of it,” she tells her brother.

Clarke says Jasper’s wounds were cauterized by the grounders and it saved his life, but now he’s developing sepsis. Bellamy says he’s a goner and Clarke doesn’t have the guts to make the hard choices.  If Jasper isn’t better by tomorrow, Bellamy will kills him himself.  Much to Clarke’s surprise, Finn agrees with him.

seaweed the 100 clarke

Flashback again:  Jake tells Abbey that the Arc has a year of oxygen left, maybe two at the most.  She says he’ll surely fix it, but he says not this time — it isn’t a glitch.  It’s a system failure.  He say people need to know.  They need to alert everyone on the Arc to what’s happening and put their minds towards a solution.  Abbey says it’s too dangerous, they risk anarchy.  “Promise me you’ll obey the council’s orders and keep it quiet” she says.  “I can’t,” he replies.

“Do it for Clarke,” she tells him.  “I am doing it for Clarke,” he says.  She says if he does this, they’ll float him and she won’t be able to stop it.  The camera pans across to see Clarke is eavesdropping on the whole thing.

[This backstory for Clarke’s parents is very different from the one in the book, where her parents are forced by an evil Vice Chancellor to conduct radiation experiments on children.  When Clarke discovers it and tells Wells, he tells his father and her parents are tried and both are executed.  She is imprisoned as an accessory because she knew about it.  Yeah, I know — the TV backstory is  better.]

Back on earth, Clarke is examining the poultice the grounders used to heal Jasper.  Wells, who aced botany and earth skills, says it’s a seaweed of some sort.  When Finn and Clarke try to take off without him, Wells reminds her that he knows what this stuff looks like — does she?

While on their search, Finn stumbles upon a buried automobile.  But Clarke says they can’t explore it, they have to push on.

Bellamy and company are going all Lord of the Flies, hunting wild boar of some sort when he hears a rustling behind him.  He throws a knife and just misses Charlotte’s head.  She says she followed them because she couldn’t handle Jasper’s screams any more.  Bellamy asks if she’s ever killed anything before and she shakes her head no.  “Who knows, maybe you’re good at it” he says, and hands her a knife.

Clarke and company find the red seaweed they need in a river.  But just as they scoop it up they hear a loud horn blowing.  In the distance they see the orange fog racing at them.  “Run!” says Clarke.

Bellamy knife

Flashback on the Arc: Clarke tells Wells what her father found, and what he’s planning to do.  She swears him to secrecy.  He promises never to tell anyone.

On earth, the orange fog is just about to overtake Clarke, Finn and Wells when they jump in the old car Finn stumbled upon earlier, which appears to be a VW van.  Bellamy and his crew are running too, toward some caves.  Bellamy grabs Charlotte but Atom is not so lucky.  He trips and is consumed by the fog.

Charlotte and Bellamy are sleeping in the cave when Charlotte starts screaming again.  Bellamy wakes her and tells her it doesn’t matter what she’s scared of, what matters is what she does about it.  “Slay your demons when you’re awake, they won’t be there to get you when you sleep.”  He takes her knife and says when she feels fear she’s supposed to hold it tight and say “screw you, I’m not afraid.”  What exactly he thinks this means to a twelve year-old is unclear.

Finn finds some hooch in the van.  Clarke gets drunk and starts beating up on Wells for ratting her dad out.

Inside the capsule Jasper’s screams are driving everyone to distraction.  Murphy goes up to kill him but is stopped by Octavia and Monty who block the hatch.

clarke the 100 octavia

Flashback:  Clarke comes in on Jake as he is recording a message to the citizens of the Arc telling them that this is the time to come together.  Clarke says she is going to help him.  Jake says absolutely not.

Just then then security breaks in and takes Jake away.  Clarke says “I’ll warn then, I’ll find a way,” earning herself a stretch in solitary.

The fog has cleared back on earth.  Clarke and crew are making their way back when Finn presses Wells about why he ratted Clarke’s dad out.  When he won’t give a straight answer Finn asks Clarke how sure he is that Wells is the one who turned her dad in.  “One hundred percent” says Clarke.  “He’s the only one I told.”  “Is he the only one who knew?” asks Finn.

Bellamy and Charlotte emerge from the cave, find their other cohorts but Atom is missing. Charlotte finds him bloody and dying.  He asks Bellamy to kill him.

Charlotte hands Bellamy her knife and says “don’t be afraid.”  Bellamy sends them all back to camp but finds it’s not so easy to kill someone, even hen they’re suffering.  Clarke arrives and realizes there’s no hope for him.  “Okay, I’m going to help you” she says and slices his jugular.  Charlotte watches from a distance.

Back at camp Octavia flips out on Bellamy when she sees Atom’s dead body.  Murphy says he tried to kill Jasper but Bellamy’s “psycho little sister” stopped him.  Bellamy shoves him and Murphy backs down and apologizes — but throws a knife into a tree after Bellamy leaves.

Wells Jawa The 100

Flashback:  Jake hugs Abbey right before he’s being floated.  “There’s no hope” he says.  “There’s earth” he replies.  Clarke arrives and he hugs her and gives her his watch before he dies.

Clarke tends to Jasper in the capsule.  The seaweed is working.

Wells is burying Atom when Clarke approaches and says she needs to know the truth — it was her mom, wasn’t it?  She’s the one who told the Chancellor.  “I blamed you because my father’s dead and it’s my mother’s fault, isn’t it?”  Wells admits that he allowed her to believe it was him to protect her.

[This differs from the book, where Wells actually did tell his father, trusting that he would stop the experiments and hold the Vice Chancellor responsible.  But that doesn’t happen.  When Wells learns that all the young prisoners are going to be sent to earth on an exploratory mission a year from now because the oxygen is running out, he realizes it will be after Clarke’s 18th birthday and she will be killed.  He sabotages the airlock in order to make things worse and accelerate the mission, then publicly lights the Arc’s only living tree on fire so he will be sent too.]

Jasper comes to and wants a hit of the hooch they are passing around.

Wells is watching the sun rise as Charlotte joins him.  She tells him she had a nightmare.   But she thinks she found a way to make them stop.  She stabs Wells in the neck and cuts off his fingers.  He falls down a hill.

“Every night I see him — your father,” she says.  “He kills my parents.”  His face reminds her of his father’s and she says the only way to make it end was to slay her demons.  She sits there humming as he bleeds out.

Body Count: 95 down from 99 (Trina, Pascal, Atom and Wells)

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