The “Citizens United on Steroids” decision passed 5-4 this week left me with a lot of questions … “what do we do now”?, and “What’s the use”?

I think I found the answers I was looking for in this Chris Hedges article about the Occupy movement from 2012. It’s like he foresaw this event in clear detail. Electoral politics will not solve the problem – laws are being passed to legalize corporate criminality and make dissent illegal.

I won’t use a quote here, but I will provide the link. (I wish I could, just to flesh out the op, but nothing I could say comes close to Hedges. And I am being cautious about Firedogs copyright thingee.  🙂 )  I promise it will not be wasted time reading. It was startling, fascinating, and best of all, encouraging.

Occupy is anything but dead. Don’t believe the propaganda.