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Kerry and NYTimes Erase Settlements, Occupation and Other Good News

This morning the NYTimes published a piece originally dubbed Kerry Says U.S. to Review Its Approach to Mideast Talks and now titled Kerry Says It’s ‘Reality Check Time’ in Stalled Mideast Talks.  Hundreds of readers declared their disgust that the article somehow never mentioned settlements, instead talking vaguely about prisoner releases and how stubborn “both sides” are.  Some readers wondered if somehow the Times editors had been replaced by powerful billionaire Sheldon Adelson, whose guests know to apologize if they say “occupied territories”.  I commented:
John Kerry - Caricature

Neither Mr. Kerry nor the article has the integrity even to utter the word “occupation” or “settlements” – never mind the international judgment “illegal” – as they pretend to describe this dispute.  This article will be cited in books on propaganda.

Their carefully balanced language of “both sides” reminds me of the family whose wife stole a baby by cutting it from the womb of a pregnant woman, leaving her to bleed to death, then rushed home with the bloody child to convince her friends she had just given birth.

The murderer’s husband, interviewed on CNN, described the trauma of having to return the baby that he had bonded with all night to the dead woman’s family.  “Both families have suffered,” he said.

It wasn’t until I read it over a few times that I realized what a perfect analogy this is for the roles the Israelis and Palestinians if you consider your land — your birthright — your “baby”.  Perhaps the Times editors had the same slow reaction, as the comment soon disappeared.

Actually I have the same feeling about the US exit from the phony Mideast “peace process” as I do about the official end of campaign finance limits this week: it’s a welcome end to an extended sham, where no one would take responsibility for their need to change their own role until the sham was over.

Instead of waiting for permission, Palestine is standing up as though it deserves statehood as much as anyone.

And now Democrats can stop pretending your donations can outweigh the (just 600) individual mill/billionaires who hit the maximum donation limit in the last election, who can now legally outspend Democrats in every race in every state.  Instead any honest candidate can finally say:

For once I’m NOT going to outspend my corrupt opponent, and that’s how I’m going to make news and win.  Going forward, anyone you see from ANY party trying to outspend their opponent — you know they’re corrupt and don’t deserve your vote.  And when there’s a corrupt journalist trying to keep a Green or Independent candidate out of my debate, you’ll see me on TV asking why, and making sure you know my opponents’ web addresses. Because now my campaign is about having the best ideas, not spending enough money to prevent competition.  I’m no longer too weak and scared to debate independents on their merits.  So it’ll finally be crystal clear who the corrupt money candidates still are and who should to replace them.

It turns out there’s this Internet thing that you can find out all about ALL the candidates, whether your News station wants you to know or not.  Voters, if you’re only seeing the wealthiest candidates in ads and TV news, how about you grow up, stop blaming Citizens United, go on line and find out if there’s a Peoples candidate on your ballot too — it’ll take a whole minute — and tell your friends.  After all, Anchor McHandsome’s job his to help sell TV ads.  As a citizen it’s your job to find out who’s on your ballot and whether they they represent you.

Of course some incumbent Democrats, utterly unacquainted with honesty, will simply run the money race again, lose bigger than ever and blame the Supreme Court.  That means independents — 46% of todays electorate — will be more powerful than ever, whether they know it or not.  Here in California, Marianne Williamson will replace the retiring Democrat, and so on.  This is already happening; ending phony campaign finance limits will just accelerate it.

What a week!  An end to the rigged, theft-ridden fake “Mideast Peace Process” and the fake SuperPacked “Campaign finance limits”?

I’m celebrating double today.

Caricature from DonkeyHotey licensed under Creative Commons

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