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A police badge is not a license to kill

A police badge is not a license to kill.

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The attached video is indisputable evidence that an Albequerque Police Officer shoots a homeless man, James Boyd, living in the hills, as the man is obeying the orders of a handful of heavily armed (assault rifles) officers.

First, with no provocation from the man gathering his possessions, you hear one officer give a command: “Do it now.”

Next, an officer, who had been speaking with the man, while aiming a rifle at him shoots a flash-bang upon command.

No officer is within 30 feet of the man. No officer is in jeopardy of harm – let alone threatened with lethal force. And no officer is assaulted or in any other way threatened by the man.

A police dog is unleashed on the man now clearly in shock from the first rifle shot.

Then, with absolutely no provocation, as the man’s back is turned to the officers – a second and third officer fire a rapid series of automatic bullets into the man’s body.

The result – a man is dead for living in the hills.

A police badge is not a license to kill.


Please sign, share, and spread the above petition to the DA – which will send a letter to the DA’s office and thus at minimum create a public record of the people’s outrage.

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Charlie Grapski

Charlie Grapski