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Hey folks, how are you today?

McCutcheon v FEC Decision

– By a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court struck down limits to how much an individual can donate (i.e. restrict money in politics). This means the rich can freely spend as much as they want now.

– What exactly is in the decision? How does it affect you? Curious on what was the old system? All of that can be answered here thanks to the Associated Press.

– The White House: We are “disappointed” with this ruling, but will still be reviewing the decision

– Interested in reading segments from the decision? The words of Chief Justice John Roberts, Justice Clarence Thomas (both supporting) and Justice Stephen Breyer (dissenting) can be found here.

International Politics


– Syrian President Bashar al-Assad states Russia is re-establishing a “multipolar world

– Journalist Steve Horn also offers his own well-made analysis “Whose Propaganda” with Liz Wahl, RT and the reaction in the American media

– I thoroughly enjoyed this amazing and quality post by journalist Nathan Fuller on leftists asking for intervention in Syria. Great and necessary read.

– The U.S. is troubled by Iran’s choice of ambassador to the UN, who was a former hostage taker in 1979

– A NATO American general warned Russia has the ability to make a quick attack with its troops on Ukrainian border

Middle East

– Gallup: 70 percent of Afghans do not believe elections in the country will be honest; Interesting to report too on how the U.S. will not be involved in this election

– Meanwhile, a suicide bomber killed six police officers and injured one person at the ministry of interior

– The BDS campaign seems to be picking up momentum with potential actions for corporations to divest and even government sanctions to be made

– Juan Cole: “Palestine’s Abbas finally says will Go to UN over Israeli Squatters“; The U.S., meanwhile, will attempt to salvage talks between both Israel and Palestine

– It might not be found in the media today, but in Saudi Arabian society there is discontent raging and the elites are scrambling to get control

– Eight people have been killed by militants in Yemen after the militants attacked an army complex

– The Syrian state news agency reported rebel-fired mortals killed five civilians in the capital of Syria

Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan is a freelance journalist in Queens, NY and written for publications such as The Nation, In These Times, Truthout and more.