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Over Easy: Who Has More Lives Than a Litter of Kittens?

Bandar Bin Sultan

The ongoing adventures of Bandar Bush.

Bandar Bin Sultan, of course.

Last Tuesday, Al Arabiya reported Prince Bandar was returning to Riyadh to “resume his tasks as head of Saudi Intelligence” after shoulder surgery in the US and a lengthy convalescence in Marrakech.

King Abdullah appointed Bandar to head Saudi Intelligence in July, 2012, and Bandar has been heavily involved Saudi policy in Syria. Many have speculated that Bandar was sacked from his position for bungling the situation there.

‘This is without doubt bad news for Tehran, Damascus and Hezbollah, particularly that anti-Saudi media has been propagating false information for the past two months that Prince Bandar’s absence has been due to his dismissal and due to a Saudi decision to back away from its policies regarding the regional conflict,’ said the source in Riyadh.

Looks like the carnage in Syria will continue indefinitely.

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Photo by Russian Presidential Press and Information Office released under a Creative Commons license.

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