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MENA Mashup: I/P Peace Farce, Egypt, Iran, and Turkey

US Secretary of State John Kerry cancelled plans to travel Wednesday to Ramallah after both the Israelis and the Palestinians announced moves likely to scuttle the peace talks.

Looking at the Israeli actions… Israel puts in tenders for more settler units in the east Jerusalem

On the Palestinian side… “Abbas says to join UN agencies

President Mahmoud Abbas on Tuesday said the Palestinians would seek membership in international organizations after Israel failed to release a batch of Palestinian prisoners on schedule.

In a televised speech, Abbas said he had started the process to sign agreements with 15 United Nations agencies and organizations and would pursue joining more.

‘The Palestinian leadership has unanimously approved a decision to seek membership of 15 UN agencies and international treaties, beginning with the Fourth Geneva Convention,’ Abbas said after signing the demand.

PA: Kerry’s ‘Jewish Advisors’ Are to Blame for Talks Failure

Meanwhile, Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard release talk infuriates US intel community

And, if you had any doubts about Israeli perfidy behind the Egyptian military coup… “Israel offers Al-Sisi $80 million support for his presidential campaign

Egyptian security sources revealed details of a meeting between Egyptian and Israeli military officials which took place two weeks ago.

The same sources uncovered two secret visits by the Egyptian coup leader and presidential hopeful Al-Sisi to Israel in the past two months, in which he met with Israeli PM Netanyahu to coordinate joint security and political issues.

In exclusive statements to Quds Press news agency, the sources said that Netanyahu offered Al-Sisi $80 million support for his presidential elections campaign. He also promised to convince the US to continue military assistance to Egypt, and to convince US President Obama to meet Al-Sisi in return for pressuring Abbas to accept the Jewishness of Israel. Moreover, Netanyahu urged Al-Sisi to pressure Abbas to stop his campaign against Dahlan, because it only serves the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas.

In the last meeting, the two sides discussed a number of security issues. The Israelis urged the Egyptians to neglect the Dahlan forces present in Sinai, and to coordinate with them for the sake of border security, because of their prior experience in this regard.

A number of Israeli political and security experts warned their government officials not to publicly support Al-Sisi because that would harm his image in the eyes of Egyptians, the source added.

Prominent Egyptian judge says sham elections will not legitimise the coup

Naturally, Israel must deflect and distract from the Peace Farce and their perfidy… “Peres to IAEA Chief: We Don’t Want Another Hiroshima

President Shimon Peres warned on Monday that a nuclear armed Iran could lead to ‘another Hiroshima.’

The comments were made during Peres’s meeting in Vienna with the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Yukiya Amano.

‘It’s time to put the facts on the table and realize that nuclear weapons by the Iranian leadership would be a danger to all humanity,’ Peres said.

‘The implementation of the agreements between the IAEA and Iran are advancing slowly,’ he continued. ‘Iran is trying to gain time and does not comply with the requirements. This has a negative impact on the diplomatic track. Iran continues to enrich uranium and retain the ability to develop nuclear weapons. Additionally, Iran is developing long-range missiles capable of carrying their nuclear warheads.’

‘When it comes to building trust,’ added Peres, ‘actions are important and not words. The IAEA has a mandate to fully ascertain the facts and illuminate the truth about Iran’s actions. Israel has full confidence in your ability to meet the important task fairly and benefit the world.’

Peres suggested that ‘Iran be judged by its record and not by its words and sounds. No one threatens Iran, yet Iran again and again threatens other countries. We do not want to see another Hiroshima.’

However, the intrepid Gareth Porter revealed a ludicrous Israeli demand that nobody has mentioned during the P5+1 talks… “A Poison Pill for Iran Nuke Talks

President Barack Obama’s administration appears to have rejected a deal-breaking demand by Israel for an Iranian confession to having had a covert nuclear weapons program as a condition for completing the comprehensive nuclear agreement.

Pro-Israeli commentators have openly criticized the Obama administration for failing to explicitly demand that Iran confess to charges by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) of a covert nuclear weapons program.

Demanding such a confession would be an obvious deal-breaker, because Iran has consistently denied those past charges and denounced the documents and intelligence reports on which they were based as fraudulent. In fact, the failure of the talks appears to be precisely the Israeli intention in pressing Washington to make that demand.

All the intelligence in question can be traced back to Israel, and investigation of the material has shown that the documents and reports that have been most widely publicized betray multiple indications of having been fabricated, as reported by IPS.

Moving along…

Power blackouts mar counting votes …”

The main opposition Republican People Party (CHP) officials have voiced concern over widespread blackouts throughout Turkey as counting ballots for the March 30 local elections continues.

Eski?ehir Mayor Y?lmaz Büyüker?en, a CHP member, has said there are power outages in nine neighborhoods in the city center, as well as the main courthouse. ’15 percent of votes have been counted and we lead with 52.07 percent, while the [ruling Justice and Development Party] AKP candidate is at 35 percent. The company that supplies the city power has not returned our queries regarding the blackout. There are several uncounted ballots that cannot be registered now,’ he said.

Linking the power blackout with fraud, Büyüker?en continued: ‘In Salih Zeki High School in Gültepe district, a person was caught while trying to steal a bag full of votes. This person is being kept in a room now and lawyers are doing what’s necessary. The people revolted, everybody is on their balconies, protesting the situation by making noise with their pots and pans.’ {…}

Y?ld?z failed to address complaints about power outages in western cities like Eski?ehir and Istanbul, where the weather conditions were better.

Here’s another from Zaman… “Turkey spends big on elections dogged by corruption claims

The Turkish electorate voted for mayors, city council members and other local officials across the country on Sunday amid widespread claims of government corruption and bribery and debate over the government’s legitimacy that overshadowed huge election expenditures.

Ever the prick… Turkey PM claims victory in local elections, warns rivals ‘will pay price’

In other MENA news…

Apocalyptic prophecies drive both sides to Syrian battle for end of time

US will not give Syrian opposition anti-aircraft missiles

Did Manning Help Avert War in Iran?

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