What Price, Our Country? Cesar Chavez

Been a long while since I had something to share.

Today, I got hit hard with something to share. Here I go.

Most folks know of the struggles of the immigrant and migrant farm workers in California’s history, the people who gave their daily lives of 16 hours to the cultivation and harvesting of the crops from our state that help to feed the world. Yes, world.

Happy Birthday, Cesar Chavez!

Cuz, our big ag biz gets great prices when they ship our food to other nations, and some modicum of profit when they ship it to other states.

Hell, WALL STREET has hedge bets for and against it all, and they profit off the backs of the migrant workers whether crops grow or not.

And the migrant ag workers, like they have for generations and almost 100 years now, walk the rows, seeding, bending, stooping, picking, into their 60’s. So their children might have a better future here in our country.

They have no benefits, they don’t get paid fairly, they are abused, they live in shanty shacks from one field to the next.

They are exported, deported without regard for their family here, when they act out for better.

It’s phreakin slavery is what it is. Willing slavery to some extent, but it’s slavery and it’s CERTAINLY exploitation of our fellow human beings. It’s been done in the past, it’s being done now, in OUR country, it’s being done around the world.

I get a paid day off tomorrow, because some of those unwilling slaves, those humans, women, men, children, they stood up and fought for their rights. They didn’t win across the board, but they got attention.

They are still abused, and I dare any one or others, to drive thru our Sac and San Joaquin and southern valleys, any time of year, and see those people, in the fields. And tell me, is it any different than it was in the deep south when the OLD form of slavery existed.

Hell, it’s not any different when the Dust Bowl refugees came here, WHITE people, and slaved in the fields till they tore down the labor camp towns.

It’s not any different, I’ll save ya the drive.

Well, there ain’t many white people out there anymore, so that’s different.

I get a day off. A PAID day, not cuz some president died, not cuz some religious and fictional icon was born, or died.

I get a day off paid, cuz slaves paid with their lives and are PAYING with their lives as I type. Cuz some of them, Bless Cesar and Dolores . . . cuz some of them, dared to take it to the man and stop picking grapes, some 45+ years ago.

So here’s to Cesar Chavez, here’s to Dolores Huerte, and here’s to every man, woman and child who slaved in our fields, for a better life to keep our produce and crop prices low.

I should go to work tomorrow, anyway, and so should every one of us man jacks and janes . . . just to make a phreakin point.

I won’t this year, but next year? Let’s call it the anti revolution. We work, cuz THEY died, for our day off. With pay.

I hate this about my country.

Photo by Movimiento released under a Creative Commons Share Alike license.

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