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Thursday: Pope Meets Obama. Friday: Pope Goes to Confession. Coincidence?

This past Thursday, Pope Francis I met with President Obama in the Vatican. The very next day, for the first time in history, the Pope went to confession in public.

Pope Francis

Pope Francis

Coincidence? Hmmm…

I can’t prove it, but I, who believe firmly that coincidence is more common than dirt, doubt it. So, if I’m right, just what was ol’ Pope Francis confessing so that everyone could see that he was actually confessing?

Did he need to be absolved because he felt like ripping out the hypocritical, warmongering, fascist bastard’s esophagus out and strangling him with it? Because he failed to do so? Because he grudgingly smiled and was polite to the #1 Servant of Mammon, against the judgment of his conscience?  Or maybe the Pope felt so dirtied by shaking the Fascist’s hand and being cordial to him that he just HAD to seek absolution.

Perhaps we will never know.  Somehow, the timing is just too neat. And, if the confessional booth had no electronic listening devices, even the NSA will never know.

That’s OK. I like this Pope. Far better than I like the President of the United States.

As for any gods that I may consider following, I think Thor is having a good laugh.

Picture from Bo Gordy-Stith licensed under Creative Commons

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