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Crowdsource Corruption information, wiki post on public whiteboard??

I’m looking for something that is too obvious not to have been created already.

Here’s the scenario: I married into a small town (50K) in which endemic corruption, whether illegal or merely quid pro quo and self-dealing, is so deeply engrained that mosts people are discouraged and depoliticized. Case in point: Democrat registration is double Republican, but it’s the latter who win all the elections, and act accordingly (gerrymandering, disenfranchisement, etc.). People tell me on the Q.T. about years of corrupt dealings, but none of this is out in the open.

So here is my idea, and I’m hoping someone will find this post and re-direct me:

A public whiteboard, even on fb (or wherever is most easily reached), on which can be represented the interlocking tree branches of low-level, local corruption by elected and appointed officials, as well as developers, attorneys and possible others. Sort of a wikicorruption site, to which anyone can contribute. Obviously, it needs to be doable in such a way that whoever hosts it will not become fearful of libel litigation (perhaps using only initials, known by all concerned?) and take it down, and somehow also prevent subjects of allegations from removing content that they do not like–anyone could comment: Richard Nixon could have posted “I am not a crook!”

I’m envisioning a public shaming device, that can become effective, and, at least in many jurisdictions, not get anyone killed or sued.

Any takers?

Thanks, Tom

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Tom Yemm

Tom Yemm

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