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Congressman Mike Rogers Planning To Retire From House

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Congressman Mike Rogers

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers will reportedly not be seeking re-election. Rogers is perhaps most famous for claiming, without evidence, that Edward Snowden was a Russian agent. His seeming contempt for the Bill of Rights and any limitations or oversight of US intelligence agencies has made him one of the more polarizing figures on Capitol Hill.

Rogers plans to use the controversy surrounding his various unfounded declarations as the basis for launching a media career.

Rogers, a seven-term Republican and former FBI agent, said in an interview Friday that he will not seek re-election after his term ends this year. Instead, Rogers told Detroit radio station WJR-AM that he has been invited regularly to talk about national security issues on TV and radio and will launch a radio show on stations affiliated with Atlanta-based Cumulus Media…

Of his plans for a new radio show, Rogers said Friday, “It’s a pretty rare opportunity. They don’t come around very often.”

At least he’s staying in show business. But now the money from performing right wing apologetics can bypass the campaign account and go directly into checking.

Rogers may stay in the spotlight but his commitment to not regulating US intelligence agencies, even being an advocate on their behalf in many instances, will be missed by few civil libertarians.

Given the makeup of the current Congress it may not be that likely someone with the required adversarial attitude will take the reins of the House Intelligence Committee as Rogers leaves, but it is hard to imagine someone doing a worse job.

Photo from U.S. Congress under public domain.

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