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Boston Bombing News: Those Reports:

This week saw the release of lengthy and long awaited reports. (Resulting in much reading for many of us!) The first of these reports was the findings of the Florida State Attorney’s office, in regards to the shooting death, at the hands of the FBI, of Ibragim Todashev.  (Link does work. Click on “Home Page.”) For me, this report serves to raise questions rather than provide answers. I must admit that due to the length of this report, I have only read it once, thus far. In view of this, I am sure that there may be issues contained therein, which have escaped my notice, but have no doubt that others here will be able to highlight any such issues.

One of the first things I noticed while reading the Florida State Attorney’s report was that the information provided on page 21 concerning the autopsy findings in this case, does not appear to correlate with Massachusetts State Trooper I’s account of events, as provided on page 119.  On page 21 @ f.) a projectile is described as having entered Ibragim Todashev’s upper left arm and then reentered his torso. There is a note @ d.) saying that this would indicate that IT’s left upper arm was close to his chest and not elevated. This appears, to me, to contradict State Trooper I’s account of events on page 119 of this report. In this account, the state trooper says that he observed IT “grab the red um pole, turn to me ah, immediately, hold it up above his arms and I don’t know if it was left hand in front of right or right hand and left front, but he came from, it was on his, over his right shoulder, so…” Does this account not suggest that both of IT’s arms were raised at the time he allegedly attempted an attack on the state trooper and is this not the point at which the FBI agent first fired his weapon? How then the autopsy findings that IT’s left arm was not elevated?

Another of my observations on this report is that the shot IT took to his skull is not adequately explained. In fact, in my opinion, it is not explained at all. State Trooper I’s failure to record the entire interview, is, I believe, questionable. Did he not intend to obtain a full recording, or must we presume that this guy is simply completely inept? (It may, of course, turn out that MA State Police have spent so much of their budget on paramilitary gear that they can no longer run to batteries!) IT’s alleged partial written “confession” states that the event in Waltham was intended to be a robbery. If this were the case, why would large amounts of marijuana and cash have been left at the scene? To date, I have heard no credible motive for the Waltham murders. (Amazed that the FBI have failed to “leak” a motive! They have, after all, “leaked” so much else in this case.) This article, by Susan Zalkind, is interesting in that it highlights the discrepancies in IT’s alleged “confession”, regarding the Waltham crime scene.

The second report which got my attention this week was the Congressional Report on the Boston Marathon bombing.

This document could be described as either horrifying or laughable, depending on your point of view. Nothing new here and defies belief that it took ten months to complete this report. It is nothing more than a lengthy regurgitation of the much touted “official narrative.” The number of references to articles published in the main stream media is astounding! These are presented, in my opinion, as if almost considered “evidence” in this case. (Serves well to bolster my belief that the msm is no more than the government’s mouthpiece and most certainly not a purveyor of any real news.) The possibility of Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s “radicalization” in Dagestan is again promoted in this report, despite David Filipov’s  article in the BG, some months ago, casting doubt on this theory.( Perhaps that’s why his article is not cited in this report?)

The FBI’s alleged lack of cooperation with the committee  responsible for this report is mentioned on page 3 and again towards the end of the report. Of course, this had been much reported previously, but gives rise to questions as to whom the FBI is actually responsible to. (Would actually seem that they are responsible to no one.)

Lastly, I have to mention that Chechen guys are, once again, credited with super-human capabilities! At 19/37 it is stated that despite having been shot multiple times by police and allegedly run over by a vehicle, TT still managed to resist being handcuffed. Seriously? (Personally, I’ve always wondered why the cops find it necessary to handcuff half dead suspects? Someone please enlighten me…)

Self correction from last thread: I suggested that I doubted IT would be capable of rising to his feet having been shot three times and having suffered a ruptured left ventricle, aorta and esophagus. The autopsy details contained in the Florida Attorney’s office conclude that  “the shots to the heart would have been incapacitating, although not immediately.” Guess I stand corrected on that one.



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