Svoboda Logo, based on the swastika

Svoboda’s original logo

Meet our side. The Obama administration and media mogul Pierre Omidyar instigated the overthrow of the elected Ukraine Government, spending more than $5 Billion. The coalition Obama installed includes the Nazi groups Right Front and Svoboda (“Freedom”), formerly self-named the Nazi Party.

Their insignia (logo) is an homage to the Swastika. In its mission statement, Svoboda calls for cracking down on “The Jews.”

That’s who’s now running Homeland Security in the new US-supported Ukraine Government, the Nazi Parties. You can see what’s happened to Jews in the Ukraine since that influx of US funds in the videos below. Witness the crackdown on Jews that the Obama Administration paid for and is exploiting.

Here in the US, and throughout the world, many people are on the fence about whether they should support the US-backed Ukrainian Nazis … or not! Let’s have a national discussion.

(The first Comment below holds an important video.)

Image via Wikimedia Commons under a Creative Commons Share Alike license. 



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