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The Roundup for March 27th, 2014

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Hello folks, how are you? As we finish the end of this month, I’m open for suggestions for improving the Roundup. It has been two months and I feel like it is time to see what I could improve on. Any suggestions, criticisms?

International Politics


– Gallup: 50 percent of Americans state the current conflict between Russia and the U.S. means a return to the Cold War; Moreover, 68 percent of Americans view Russia as “unfriendly” or as an “enemy”

– For us to understand the situation in Ukraine with Western power players, the history of the 2011 conflict in Libya provides us valuable lessons on the power players

– The UN rejected the annexation of Crimea by Russia by declaring it as illegitimate

During the meeting between Pope Francis and President Obama, they agreed on the poor (that’s rich of Obama) and disagreed on issues like birth control

Middle East

– Richard Falk, UN rapporteur on human rights, has said Israel is guilty of apartheid and committing human rights violations in Palestine

– The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapon states 49 percent of chemicals by the Syrian government has been removed

– Meanwhile, in the oil-rich east of Syria, Islamic State in Iraq and Syria and Islamic rebels have clashed for control of it

– Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said during his visit to Afghanistan that the country is an occupied nation

– 26 people have died in Baghdad, Iraq as a result of bombings from ISIS; I’m tired of this lack of accountability for those who caused this mess in the first place

Asia and Oceania

– The UN has announced an investigation into the war crimes in Sri Lanka during the civil war


– Juan Cole: “Egypt: Al-Sisi’s run for President: Bonapartism and Gulf Oil Money


A major problem in France is happening where the National Front, a far-right party, is starting to win over people and get votes.

A new study on Europe found “serious deprivation” of youths in Greece as the trust in the government falls

– It now seems Youtube is blocked in Turkey amid concerns from the national government of “national security

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– Gallup: A majority of people in Latin American feel Pope Francis brings hope to the poor and reform to the Catholic Church

– President Nicolas Maduro announced he is okay with an outside facilitator to talks with the opposition

– The Argentinian government will commit to austerity, which has led to people going out in the streets asking to stop this

– Census data has found the population in Puerto Rico has been dropping as the recession there still persists

Surveillance Planet

– Since 2009 (remember that’s Barack Obama’s first year in office), government requests for Google user data has jumped 120 percent

– President Obamaformally proposed to end the data collection of phone calls; Why can’t he just refuse to reauthorize as some have been saying?

Financial Matters

– Robert Reich: “Billionaires Are Warping Our Political System

– The CEO of Reddit said the main base behind Bitcoin is full of “crazy libertarians“; I would like to add most of them are white

– One federal judge recommends dismissing a lawsuit against Bank of America for committing fraud against investors as the argument from the government was not sufficient

Labor’s a-Brewing

– It appears likely the state of Connecticut will the first to have a minimum wage of $10.10 for all workers

– Fantastic to hear how teachers are striking in different countries over the state of education and what could be done to bring it here

– Dave Zirin: “The Northwestern University Football Union and the NCAA’s Death Spiral

– Domino’s has agreed to pay workers after it admitted to committing “wage theft

Politics US

Washington USA

– Congress passed a new bill to give $1 billion in aid to Ukraine to help it amid Russia conflict

– Pew: Support for Obamacare has fallen among Hispanics from 61 percent (in September 2013) to 47 percent

– The Democratic Party has the ideas to talk progressive, but accept Wall Street funds. It’s causing such contradictions to make it unpopular in the polls.

– Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) believes it’s a great idea for the Pentagon to get more Tomahawk missiles and not reduce it; Paul is a fraud engaged in manipulating his base for his own political goals and should not be trusted

– Amy Goodman: “Barack Obama: The Least Transparent President in History

– Nine more Air Force officers have been removed, along with one resignation, over the cheating scandal in the Air force

– If the Supreme Court sides with Hobby Lobby, then one major winner may be the Koch Brothers, which I am sure I do not have to explain why that is troubling

– Ralph Nader: “Casting Sunlight on Secret Government and Its Contractors

– The Department of Justice announces a new program to help train cops how to work with transgender cops

Anytown USA

A new report out found early registration for voters makes them more motivated to vote

– Here are four small towns as examples where the militarization of the police made situations become ridiculous and pathetic with pointless injuries and, unfortunately, deaths

– A lawsuit in Milwaukee, Wis. alleges police officers killed the dogs of a woman after they entered looking for “dangerous animals.” They found only turtles inside if you’re curious.

– An actual Marxist and author talks on how the right-wing’s talk against socialism may be helpful after all

– David Coombs states the trial for Chelsea Manning was not a fair trial and announced he will no longer be representing her

We Don’t Need No Education

– Part three of four with Andy Shallal on how more work is needed to help low-income black children even with the increase on test scores in DC

– With the unspeakable $1 trillion student loan debt, it signifies the major gap in wealth in the U.S.

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– Interested in knowing how your county is faring in your state on health, income or other relevant factors? This interactive provides much-needed data on all of it.

– A much-needed article on why we are not discussing the skyrocketing rate of suicides in our country, caused by capitalism of course

– In genetically modified plants, according to this study, there are “extreme levels” of Roundup, a herbicide, which is becoming a norm in the industry

The Second Sex

– A court in Texas rules abortion restrictions in the state do not jeopardize the health of a woman; Are…are you serious?

– In Tennessee, lawmakers want to jail pregnant women who take drugs rather than help them out

– Highlighting the problem in journalism with not enough women and how Foreign Policy attempted to answer this question with a panel full of mostly men

– It is weird to hear how, during Occidental College’s sexual assault investigation, break-ins and hacks occurred against it

– In Mexico, activists are asking for help in the international community for women who are sometimes forced to give birth out in the street

Planet Earth

Further discussion on the oil spill in Galveston Bay that is endangering wildlife and the environment there

– Here’s another thing that will happen if climate change isn’t stopped, salamanders will shrink

– During the search for the missing MH370 plane, investigators have found a whole lot of trash in the ocean

– What is dangerous is how after the Fukushima nuclear disaster, the decision to stick by nuclear power is not questioned by officials in Japan

– If Keystone XL is not fully built (cause the southern part already is), then there’s a “Part B” in place to push for

Mixed Bag

– Scientists have found a new dwarf planet beyond Pluto. They’ve given it the name of “Biden” after Joseph Biden (ouch…)

– “G7 Unable To Get Deposit Back On Shipment Of ‘G8 Summer Getaway’ T-Shirts

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