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Over Easy: Monday Science

I don’t mind the law of Gravity, its the harsh penalties for violations that get me


After a fairly nice weekend, we’re back int the freezer for a couple of days with snow expected Wednesday. *sigh* I am SO done with winter.

Fukushima update:

Black dust is everywhere. We’ve already determined that the black dust is almost certainly powered reactor fuel from the #3 explosion. The authorities seem determined not to notice.

NYT slams the TEPCO cleanup effort. I wonder if this is off the reservation or if ObamaLLP allowed them to publish this. Yeah, it sounds cynical, but doesn’t it seem to you as if “Unnamed, high level administration officials” sit on the Times editorial board?

Japanese reporting says people working at Fuku are dying and not being reported. Looks like they’re using all kinds of loopholes to avoid linking the deaths to Fuku. This report says over 800(!). Grab the expendables off the street, throw them back on the street before their deaths get logged to Fuku.

Not too shocking that they’re having a worker shortage there. Simple math tells you that if they respect exposure limits (the subcontractors certainly aren’t), that the population of Japan isn’t sufficient to clear the site. Unless they start drafting reproductive age people.

And they’ve stopped the water treatment plant because it was not removing enough beta emitters.

Oh, and the bags that they used to hold contaminated soil are only good for three years. Time is about up. And the manufacturer says they weren’t intended to handle radioactives anyway, so they might disintegrate sooner.

Gravity HAS remained constant through the life of the universe. Believe it or not, there were strong theories that it had changed over time.

Interesting magnetic effect that could make it easier to ignite fusion. The big problem with fusion is it takes more energy to start than we get out of the reaction. This may lower that initial cost. Many issues still remain, including sustaining the reaction.

We have build bacteria that will build things with non-organic material. Not all Genetic engineering is bad.

We continue to improve solar cells. And also here. What is this fixation we have with fission and fusion when we have a cheap alternative already working?

Comet Ison was a visual bust, but we got some good science from it.

Creationists are demanding equal air time on Fox because of the new Cosmos. I guess they consider this a political issue rather than a scientific one.

Boxturtle (I feel badly sometimes for picking on creationists. It’s just too easy of a target)

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