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NSA & The Clueless

NSA & The Clueless  

History, from the perspective of the Native Americans here in the Sonoran Desert, does “inform” when the Majority refuse to recognize our erstwhile history.

And from, Bell, the consummate historian writes of the parable “Named By Their Enemies.”

“The Spanish asked the Zunis who those renegades were who were running off with all their horses and a Zuni said, ‘Enemies,” which sounded to the Spaniards like ‘Apache.’ When the Navajos were asked who built the abandoned pueblos, they said, ‘ancient enemies,’ which ended up as ‘Anasazis.’ When the Pima were asked who their neighbors were, they said, as a joke, the ‘bean eaters,’ which became the ‘Papago.’ The Pima got their handle when they repeatedly answered, ‘I don’t know’ to the Europeans who were questioning them. By this standard, Anglos should be called Clueless.”

And on this past Saturday, over at the well-known website of, their august Book Salon was hosted by Kevin Gosztola, a national security reporter of ever-increasing renown and where the author, Luke Harding, of his book and titled, “The Snowden Files: The Inside Story of the World’s Most Wanted Man” was competently and aggressively discussed by those with considerable familiarity on the subject area of  National Security.

And for those of us military vets and who ascribe to the mantra for “to inform and to educate,” serious subject areas are a regular occurrence at this Book Salon. With time permitting, check out the Book Salon and have some fun by participating.

Note:  Originally posted on the web site of the Chicano Veterans Organization.



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