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History (Documentary) of the Global Warming Hysteria – Honest Beginnings, Plutocratic/Globalist Corruption and Co-optation

During the 20th century, the global surface temperature of the earth increased by about .8 deg C. This a fact which is well-known to so-called “climate change denier” scientists. E.g., if you honestly asked the 3 so-called “climate change deniers” Lindzen, Curry, and Christy, who have recently been selected by the 50,000 physicist strong American Physical Society to re-examine it’s position on climate change “do you believe that the planet warmed in the 20th Century?”, I expect that they’d either laugh at you, or else look at you as though you were crazy. Similarly, if you asked them “Do you believe that the Earth rotates around an axis?” or “Do you believe that the earth revolves around the sun?”, etc., ad infinitum, ad nauseum.

And yet, if you read the comments in MyFDL diary Have the Climate Deniers Won?, it becomes blindingly clear that people take the “climate change denial meme” seriously. I assume they do so for so-called “climate change denier” scientists, and not just some drunk ignoramus who likes to drink a lot, slumped over at the local bar.

E.g., normanb writes:

That’s important to knos:
Global Warming recognized more than a Century ago. The Greenhouse Effect was discovered almost two Centuries back, in 1826.
It seems like we had enough time to prepare…

or… john in sacramento:

Wanna watch a deniers head explode? Show them this
When claims from Europe accused British America of being inferior on account of its colder weather, Thomas Jefferson and his fellow Founding Fathers responded with patriotic zeal that their settlement was actually causing the climate to warm.

or… glennJ:

The weather is always the same when you have your head stuck up your ass.

How is it possible that masses of Americans could actually be so clueless? The answer must be: propaganda. Well funded propaganda. Well funded, dishonest propaganda.

Rather than address the propaganda point directly, I’ll just repeat my comment in “Have the Climate Deniers Won?” which has been put “in moderation”. Experience shows that when my comments on climate get put “in moderation”, they stay there, forever…. Pay particular to the link Documentary: How the Global Warming Scare Began which gives the hystery (get it?) of the global warming hysteria.

Ah-h-h-h, I think you all should be more concerned about losing your minds than losing on CO2 mitigation.

For one thing, it’s hard to take people seriously who won’t even define “climate change denier” in a a non-Orwellian, and non-laughable way. (You know it’s laughable if you ask one of the so-called deniers if they fit your non-Orwellian definition – assuming you ever bother coming up with one – and they laugh in your face.)

It’s also hard to take people seriously who align themselves with mega-liars, and never bother repudiating those liars. See here; and don’t forget, there’s also “lying by omission”: here.

And finally, the more or less complete absence of even curiosity, never mind an honest assessment, of essentially zero-CO2 emission fusion energy, makes it hard to feel sorry for prominent environmentalists who say they care about the world, and that it’s at risk because of human CO2 emissions, but evidently don’t (well, gross stupidity is a logical possibility, but IMHO, that’s a truly minor faction.)

AFAICT, the catastrophic global warming scare has been coopted by plutocratic forces, and you’re quite correct that they don’t give a damn about CO2 mitigation. They care about centralized control, and CO2 catastrophism is a means to an end. So, you may have lost, but that doesn’t mean that your political/plutocratic masters, who are playing you for fools, have lost. (See Documentary: How the Global Warming Scare Began) They’re firmly in control, in the West, and I for one don’t doubt their capability to eventually charge you economically degrading amounts of $$ for energy you use, miles you drive, etc. and to strip more of your national sovereignty from your country than they’ve already managed to achieve.

BTW, I hear that lefties never “support the troops”, and I can’t help wondering when they’re all going to stop beating their wives.

(See? I can make obstinately stupid, but propagandistically useful statements, too! Don’t bother asking me what I mean by “support the troops”, or how I just know that you’all are beating your wives! Only people who don’t “support the troops” have the audacity to ask precisely what that means, anyway!)

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