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How isolated is Russia?

With Russia facing sanctions from the US and some other countries after it annexed Crimea from Ukraine, India on Wednesday made it clear that it will not support any “unilateral measures” against Russian government. Times of India

Based on the fact that Russia and Ukraine have deep cultural, historical and economic connections, it is time for Western powers to abandon their Cold War thinking, stop trying to exclude Russia from the political crisis they failed to mediate, and respect Russia’s unique role in mapping out the future of Ukraine. Xinhua


I have very little time for carefully constructed posts at the moment, so just a few lines hastily put together.

Reading the news about American and EU sanctions against Russia, I am beginning ti suspect that there is something more cooking here than the “story” we are being fed by the MSM.

It might be noted that in his big speech, Putin thanked both China and India for their support… Can we say that Russia is “isolated” from the “international community” with 1/2 of humanity on their side?…

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