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Come Saturday Morning: Counting Down To Solar Roadways

After a year of work on the part of Scott and Julie Brusaw, work that extended from spring to summer and fall, then past winter and back into spring, the Game Changer is just about ready for its closeup in Sagle, Idaho:

Drumroll!!! We are in the home stretch of completing our prototype solar parking lot! Pics will be released before the end of the month.

The solar parking lot is the all-weather test bed for the Solar Roadways concept. And when I say “all-weather”, I mean “all-weather”: Sagle is in northern Idaho, an hour’s drive from the Canadian border, and these folks know from winter. San Diego it ain’t.

Imagine that we could take things out of landfills, turn them into the support structures for solar panels with surfaces strong enough to hold the weight of an eighteen-wheeler, textured enough to provide traction during wet weather, and with heaters to keep them ice-free.

Now imagine that we did this throughout America, replacing asphalt surfaces — roads, trails, parking lots — with these panels. It turns out we could, literally, power not just the US, but rest of the world as well.

Powering the world, dramatically cutting pollution, emptying the landfills, and doing so using only land that’s already been paved. Sign me up!

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