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2 Pennsylvania County Prison CO’s suspended without pay after assault charges have been filed

These 2 CO’s from hell should have been immediately fired instead of suspended without pay: Lee Kaczmarek of Dunmore, Pennsylvania, a Suburb of Scranton and Joshua Thomas of Scranton were arrested earlier this month and charged by police in separate incidents with choking their spouses at their homes.

The 1st CO from hell, Lee Kaczmarek is charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, terroristic threats and harassment. Dunmore Police arrested him on March 8th after his wife Holly arrived at their headquarters shortly after 5:00AM & accused Lee of choking her and threading to kill her at their home. Allegedly, he grabbed her neck,pressed her against the couch, choked her to the point she couldn’t breathe and told her: “I wish I could choke you dead” & do not report this to the police, since I’m a prison guard and no one would believe you. When the victim was questioned by police, the victim denied there was a physical altercation until officers asked about marks that were consistent with him trying to remove his hand from her body, she said he put his hands on her after she hit and spit on him. He will have his preliminary hearing on 3/31 at 9:45AM Eastern. Sadly, he is free on bail.

The 2nd CO from hell, Joshua Thomas was arrested by Scranton Police last Sunday. According to the arrest affidavit, a verbal argument became violent when he put his hands around his wife Kelly’s neck & choked her. 15 minutes later, as the argument continued, he struck her in the face while he was forcing her to leave the house. Officers met her outside the house, where they saw her bloody nose and swollen face. He is free on bail & will have his preliminary hearing on 4/21 at 9:15AM Eastern. It is unclear if both men were released on their own recognizance bail (ROR, as it’s sometimes called)

Lackawanna County Warden Robert McMillan confirmed this week he suspended the two CO’s without pay during the past two weeks after their arrests on criminal charges for their off-duty conduct. These two CO’s earn $32.972 a year in taxpayer money, whereas the average wage inmates get nationwide ranges from an average of $0 to $1.15 an hour, according to the Prison Policy Institute’s Prison Labor section After their preliminary hearing, they will get a due process hearing, which could result in no action taken against them to being fired(which if they were working in the private sector & most other agencies, they would be immediately fired)


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Ms. Pinky Stanseski

Ms. Pinky Stanseski