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Sadly, Another person in Pennsylvania is in prison for a technical violation of probation or parole

This is another example of a defendant who should have never been locked up: Michael Goordman of Blakeslee, Pa was charged with furnishing drug-free urine, a technical violation of his parole or probation & possessing instruments of a crime.

Monroe County, Pa detectives allege Michael went to see his PO at the County Courthouse on Thursday, and his parole officer allegedly noticed Michael was holding his right arm unusually & had trouble with getting his coat off. Before the test was taken, the PO allegedly discovers Michael had a homemade version of the Whizzinator. Then, the PO alleges Michael confessed that he used meth 9 days before the meeting with his officer.

He is currently in Monroe County Correctional Facility. This man should never have been put in prison, he should have been sent to an inpatient treatment facility!

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Ms. Pinky Stanseski

Ms. Pinky Stanseski