Obama Sending US Troops to Stand with Ukrainian Nazis Against Russia — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)

Does anybody think this is a good idea? President Obama is sending the US Military to the Ukraine this summer. Our soldiers will carry out joint Military exercises and War Games with our newest ally, the Nazi coup Government of the Ukraine. Once there, US troops will be completely surrounded and lopsidedly outnumbered by the much-better-trained, -equipped, and -supplied Russian Army. http://www.thedailydigest.org/2014/03/20/us-uk-military-to-stage-nato-exercises-in-ukraine/

Obama’s guided missile destroyer warship the USS Truxton is now playing War Games near Ukraine in the Black Sea to threaten Russia, and to try to prod Russia into Nuclear-attack mode: If Obama can just get Putin to hit the US with a few Nuclear bombs – or to even consider it – that would raise the price of Oil significantly, Obama’s goal in this dangerous stunt.  http://english.ahram.org.eg/NewsContent/2/9/97094/World/International/US-warship-extends-drills-across-Black-Sea-from-Cr.aspx

US Propaganda relentlessly attacks Russian leader Vladmir Putin because he blocked: (1) Obama’s attempt to bring the world to war against Iran for non-existent Weapons of Mass Destruction; (2) Obama’s attempt to bring the world to war against Syria for non-existent Weapons of Mass Destruction; (3) Obama’s attempt to kill or otherwise neutralize heroic whistleblower Edward Snowden for exposing Obama’s Treasonous Cyber War against the American people.

President Obama announced that he officially condones stealing money that’s in the bank accounts of people who know Putin.  http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/news/world/europe/article4039907.ece

In each of the three cases, Putin was the adult. In each of the three, Obama acted irrational and insane, demanding war for no good reason. Two other cases US Propaganda torpedoes Russia over are Pussy Riot in the church and Greenpeace in the Arctic. These are false reasons to be mad at Putin:

The US will not allow Greenpeace activists to interrupt its Arctic drilling regime without killing and/or imprisoning them. The US similarly will not allow rock’n’rollers or other activists to interrupt churches’ business, as Pussy Riot did. If they’d done that in this country, they’d likely still be locked up, or dead.

We don’t have sufficient reason to incite war with Russia. We don’t need a war with Russia, even if it would raise Oil prices for the people who installed Obama.

Meanwhile, Right-wing Danish NATO head Anders Fogh Rasmussen lied about Russia being a worse threat to Europe than the US-backed Ukrainian Nazis. NATO and the US are still pushing fruitlessly for Afghanistan to accept continued Western occupation.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai said he will accept longer occupation if the US forces will stop Murdering Afghan civilians and Raping Afghan women and children. Obama and Rasmussen refuse, contending that US and NATO troops and contractors are too cruel and incompetent to do that: We’d rather have our Military leave Afghanistan than make them stop.  http://www.timesofisrael.com/nato-head-russian-advances-gravest-threat-to-europe-security/



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