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Over Easy: Monday Science

How long before smokers are considered a protected minority?

Good Morning!

Well, well, looky what NBC News finally published about Fukushima. GE is losing control of their news network.

Naoto Kan, Prime Minister of Japan when 3/11 happened, gives an interview. Basic message: TEPCO lied to us as well, and they knew that #1 had melted by 7pm that day.

It appears that Alaska is no longer accepting “nothing to see here, citizen” and is calling for more radiation monitoring.

The WSJ has permitted a blog wherein former NRC chairman Jazcko states that nuclear power = nuclear accidents.

In Japan, Fuku workers start to protest for better conditions. Also protesting are people near the reactors the JG would like to restart. The latter is important because the people protesting are the ones who benefit most from the jobs the reactor offers.

The NYT is also leaving the reservation and detailing how Japan is suppressing bad news.  The walls are starting to crumble, wonder if this will affect NYT’s access to “unnamed, high level administration sources.”

Caveman rock rocks again! They’re going to play some of the actual stone “bells” from neolithic times in concert. And you thought it was going to be something about Paul Ryan.

This could make infrared vision common. And spark a new revolution in ladies clothing as they try to block the perverts.

Planet X, a gas giant somewhat larger than Jupiter somewhere in the Kuiper belt, was “located” theoretically by studying the wobbles in other planets orbits.  The same math has now decided there’s no such thing.

An advance in chronic pain relief from Cone snails.

Have we finally detected gravity waves?

Mercury Messenger is still making discoveries. There was real doubt it could survive this long that close to the sun.

If you smoke, this study could be the study that results in banning smoking almost everywhere, INCLUDING your home. Third hand smoke (The stuff that sticks to wall and windshields) appears to be as damaging as the second hand smoke they used to ban smoking in public.

They are predicting that we will start seeing reduced crop yields from climate change as soon as 2030.

Boxturtle (About froze my butt yesterday, I’m ready for spring)

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