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Hey, here’s a way to apologize

Paul Ryan extreme abortion views to the right of 75% of voters (By DonkeyHotey, via Flikr)

Libertarian fantasist Paul Ryan got himself in some trouble (not with his base mind you) by seeming to imply that poor people, especially African-American males, are lazy.  The shock of this lay in the fact that the race and class-baiting was implied, rather than explicit.

Nevertheless, Ryan, with Presidential aspirations, spent the next few days pretending to care.

If Paul Ryan actually cares…or at least wants to pretend he cares, maybe he can support this.

Attorney General Eric Holder on Thursday urged the U.S. Sentencing Commission to reduce the recommended prison time for certain low-level drug offenses.

Citing prison overcrowding, and the fact that nearly half of the nation’s 216,000 federal prisoners are incarcerated on drug charges, Holder said sentencing reform is desperately needed.

And it absolutely is.  And, of course, the vast majority of these low-level offenses with maximum penalties affect the poor and disproportionately affect African-American men.  If Paul Ryan is actually a libertarian, and actually wants to reach out to those groups he systematically offends, here is a place to start.

Obviously, this will not actually happen.

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