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McCain’s an Expert on Russia, Gas Stations, Kleptocracries and Crazys

McCain was on Right Wing TV (there is no left wing TV) again and demonstrated his erudition and brilliance on the air:

The United States of America, first of all, has to have a fundamental re-assessment of our relationship with Vladimir Putin

Yes Putin has watched the US encroach on Russia by using its puppet, NATO, and called the bluff. How does it feel to be punked John?

No more reset buttons, no more Tell Vladimir I’ll be more flexible. Treat him for what he is.

A dictator. The US likes dictators who kiss the US’ ring (or Neo-Liberal Ass). One who bites the ass? Not so popular with the US.

That does not mean re-ignition of the Cold War.

No, we like a hot war, I’m itching to send someone else’s kids off to fight. Then I can cry me a river of crocodile tears and praise our troops cannon fodder, while cutting veterans benefits.

It also restores funding for that army Chuck Hagel wanted to down size. Hagel’s such a pansy.

But it does mean treating him in the way that we understand an individual who believes in restoring the old Russian empire.

Yea, we want his ass running out of town too…

Look, Russia is a gas station masquerading as a country

And the US is what? A financial Oligarchy masquerading as a democracy?

It’s kleptocracy, it’s corruption. It’s a nation that’s really only dependent upon oil and gas for their economy.

McCain would be an expert on Kleoptocratic ways. Wall ST is a bastion of good faith and honest dealing, right? What’s your current wife’s net worth? And how did you go about just oozing away from you bedridden first wife? Slid under the door on the way out, did you, or were you stuck to the bottom of someone’s foot?

And so economic sanctions are important

Yes, fuck the EU and their need to keep warm.

Get some military assistance to Ukrainians, at least so they can defend themselves.

This worked so well in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Resume the missile defense system in Poland and the Czech Republic. Look at Moldova and Georgia, both of whom are occupied by Russian troops as we speak, a path toward membership in NATO.

You really do want a war don’t you John. I suggest your read the “Charge of the Light Brigade,” although it may be above your head, better still get the 1st grade version and have it read to you at bedtime. You might follow up with by being read some stories of “Gallipoili”.

There’s a myriad of steps that we can take, and it will be interesting to see to what degree our European friends will join us who are dependent on Russian energy supplies.

As in “Oh yes, Uncle Sam, You go first and show us the way, we’re behind you. Well behind you.”

Just two final questions: Did the US legally invade Iraq? And could you explain why Vlad the Invader has not killed many People in Crimea on the way in, or do you not understand a “hearts and flowers” welcome when seen?

Let’s suggest an analogy: The US invasion of Iraq was like “Forced Rape”. Vlad the Invader’s invasion of Crimea is like Consensual Sex.

We’re presuming you know the difference.

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