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FCI Danbury Employee charged with bribery

On Friday, Kisha Perkins, 42 of Waterbury, CT was arrested at her home and charged with aiding and abetting in a bribery scheme of a public official. The Government alleges that Kisha Perkins starting in June of 2013, Kisha, a unit counselor at Danbury who had no authority to recommend inmates for early release, approached another employee at FCI-Danbury to solicit cash bribes from an inmate at Danbury in exchange for the inmate’s release to a halfway house. The employee refused to participate, and reported her to law enforcement. After the employee reported it to law enforcement, the employee decided to get involved in the scheme, but Kisha told the employee sorry, the scheme was no longer feasible. Last month, while the investigation was ongoing, Kisha’s co-worker identified a 2nd inmate as a candidate for the scheme. When she allegedly agreed to participate, the planning began. On March 8th, Kisha and her co-worker drove to a i-84 commuter parking lot near Southington to pick-up a parietal bribe of $5,000 that Kisha believed was going to be dropped off by someone the inmate knows. If convicted, Kisha Perkins faces up to 15 years in prison. Currently, She is held on $100,000 bail. It is unknown if She has a defense attorney.

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