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The Roundup for March 14th, 2014

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Hey folks, it’s Pi Day! I forgot to get pie today and decided to get chocolate-covered strawberries. Unsure whether I made the right choice.

International Politics


– With the situation in Ukraine extremely volatile, the neoconservative has proposals to “solve” it (it isn’t good)

– The U.S. will give up control of the internet (specifically making users find each other on networks) to a group of “stakeholders

– The U.S. responded to UN criticism of not upholding human rights by saying it’s all wrong

– While clashes occurred in Ukraine, Russia warned it will protect “compatriots” ; Meanwhile, John Kerry and Sergei Lavrov meet in London to discuss a solution

Middle East

– It seems that ISIS militants in Anbar are proving to be a resilient group against the Iraqi government

– Meanwhile, a proposed law in Iraq would allow for child marriages, as young as nine as stated in the bill and women would have to have sex with their husbands if requested

– In the Iraqi elections, votes for candidates are gained not through proposed actions, but through government job offers

– NGOs are worried donors will be jaded as the Syrian Civil War enters its fourth year

– Yemen is now facing a crisis with organized crime flourishing in the region 

Asia and Oceania

– It seems Flight MH370 has flown for hours after last communicating with traffic control, still unsure as to what happened though; Investigators suspect “foul play” invovled

– The discrimination in India resembles one of apartheid when you witness what is occurring there


– Now it seems militants in Nigeria attacked an army barracks, but were stopped and they retreated as a result of the counter-attack

– 46 Egyptians have been held in detention in Libya for allegedly living in the country illegally


– Gallup: Interesting poll out of Ukraine where 44 percent of Ukrainians view NATO as a “threat.

– The OECD recommended Greece add cheap vegetable oil to its famous olive oil and Greece laughed it off and said no, good for them

– Vice President Joe Biden will be heading to Poland and Lithuania to pressure Russia with collective threat

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

Another debate on The Real News on what is driving inflation in the country and how to stop it

– President Nicolas Maduro: The “Miami Lobby” is dictating U.S. policy against Venezuela

– The Mexican government has warned vigilantes that they can’t continue their activities anymore

Surveillance Planet

– It seems that police officers in California are now using surveillance tools to spy on the populace

– A reporter is trying to find how much water the NSA uses in Utah, the same Utah facing a drought 

– The government mistakenly places people on the no-fly list, so much so that it’s ridiculous 

– Sarah Harrison writes on the ridiculous nature of governments seeing journalists as terrorists 

Financial Matters

– Gallup: Investors have their optimism rising to 37 on the Gallup Optimism Index in the previous quarter

– Greenwich, CT is America’s wealthiest neighborhood, while New York City has the most wealthiest neighborhoods out of the top 1,000

– Major companies, like Google, are making journalism into their exclusive creation and it’s troubling that it could avoid discussing major issues

– The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation sued 16 banks for manipulating the Libor

– Now it seems a class-action lawsuit will be brought against GM over the vehicles recalled

Labor’s a-Brewing

– Could it be that businesses may find a loophole to avoid paying a higher minimum wage for tipped workers?

– A new report found the bonuses on Wall Street last year were greater than the entire income in 2012 for minimum-wage workers

A good article detailing the current retail exploitation by companies with Levi’s as one example

Politics US

Washington USA

– It seems the Census Bureau will be making huge changes to its survey in order to make it effective in accuracy in race and ethnicity; Meanwhile, here are a few maps detailing the uninsured in major metro areas

– Hey, what’s filling half of ads for this year’s election? It’s anti-Obamacare ads from interest groups of course.

– It seems, compared to 2008, Hillary Clinton is less disliked by the populace, however it is midterm-election season

– What’s most troubling on this CIA’s investigation scandal is how the White House has protected the CIA rather than prosecute torture; Meanwhile, a top CIA lawyer involved in this has been removed

– Sen. John McCain (R-AZ): I’m “embarrassed” by members of my own party; Meanwhile, this guys finds neo-Nazis to be good people to be around, what a pathetic man

– In what seems like a PAC to immediately ban, the FratPAC (full of fraternities and sororities) has been donating to right-wing, anti-working class candidates

– High costs as a result of privatization follow when it takes over public goods

– The Obama Administration has successfully gotten insurance rights for same-sex couples

Anytown USA

– In a new Bloomberg News poll, just 18 percent of Americans say they would want to live in a state that would make it tough for gays to live in

– It seems death in American varies based on race as seen in this chart

– With Chokwe Lumumba now deceased, what will the future of Jackson, Mississippi look like?

– Yes legalization of cannabis is fine, but those at the forefront of the movement (and behind profits) are white, not the people of color who have been arrested as a result of just possession. What happens to them?

– There’s a chance in Texas not only to focus on taking down the right-wing, but also the reactionaries who stop movements

– Something that slipped my mind the last two Roundups, Northeastern University decided to suspend the Students for Justice in Palestine chapter for very idiotic reasons—leafleting

– Tomorrow the fascists (any white person who decides to invite others to defend their race is a fascist, that’s it no argument) go marching to protect whites 

– A man who was born in Athens, Greece and moved to NYC was one of the people who died in the East Harlem explosion

– Michael Bloomberg is in the news and shows how he is still right-wing by going against minimum wage increases and criticizing de Blasio for not marching in the St. Patrick’s Day parade

– The number of inmates jailed has dropped with choice of reform rather than punishment as the reason

– A judge ruled that there is enough proof to jail Osama bin Laden’s son-in-law 

– The radiation leak at a New Mexico nuclear facility was preventable, officials say

– Every group in the U.S. has a lobby except one (and the most vital, may I add): the working class

A review and analytical article on a book that deals with Western Islamophobia that will not be fixed unless major changes are set in place or else it will persist

We Don’t Need No Education

– Wyoming prefers to ditch real science on the environment and climate change as it could hurt the economy (I’m not joking)

– There is a current lawsuit to stop charter schools from co-locating (where private schools take over public spaces) as it leads to overcrowding in public schools

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

A new RAND Corporation report found the use of cocaine has dropped, while marijuana use has increased

– It seems that a new study has found pesticides can harm the development of a young brain

The Second Sex

– At Dartmouth University, a student said she was sexually assaulted and the inaction of the university led 50,000 activists to demand action immediately

– A judge struck down an Arkansas law to ban abortions after 12 weeks

– Sure International Women’s Day is great, but when neo-liberals are placed forward as representatives rather than real working-class fighters, that’s a problem

Planet Earth

– Gallup: Despite Americans recognizing there is either a drought or heavy rainfall in their area, only a few remark it’s due to climate change

– A reminder on how important energy is in this Ukrainian crisis as 16 percent of natural gas that is consumed in Europe goes through Ukraine

– On March 15, anti-fracking activists have planned a major protest on the state capitol against California Governor Jerry Brown (D) so he can come out against fracking (quick tip, just mobilize a working class party and never vote for a Democrat or Republican again)

– Now the National Nurses Union has come out against the Keystone XL pipeline due to the health risks it poses; Meanwhile, indigenous groups have remarked they would rather be in prison before allowing Keystone

– Good news for climate scientists as they can accurately predict things better than economists do

– With fracking increasing in Pennsylvania, it’s necessary to show how health is in danger with contaminated water

– Here’s a piece detailing the Wall Street connection behind’s “divestment campaign“; And you wonder why environmentalism isn’t a serious issue in this country

Mixed Bag

– Bill Gates states a lot in this interview with Rolling Stone, including Edward Snowden did the wrong thing 

– Here’s a piece detailing the small history of spam on the internet

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