Note: In case anybody is not aware of it, MIT, along with CalTech, are the two most prestigious engineering schools in the USA.

MIT has been hosting a non-credit course, the Cold Fusion IAP Lectures. The 2014 edition recently completed.

I confess to not having watched the lectures, online, yet, but the intro was excellent enough to draw attention to. It makes the good point that $$millions are spent to detect cold, dark matter, even though none has been detected, yet. (Well, maybe we have, but only recently.) This is true, even though nobody expects any practical result from discovering cold, dark matter.

OTOH, cold fusion would be extremely practical, and radically change our world. Reproducing the effect was very problematic in the early years of Pons and Fleischman, and a lot of people gave up, in spite of the ‘signals’ mixed in with the ‘noise’.

What could possibly be wrong with that picture?


Since FDL is a political blog, hopefully questions regarding the continuing failure of the environmentalists who are always going on and on and on and on about human CO2 emissions, will pop into your head. Fusion promises to be essentially CO2-free, and the CO2 catastrophists should therefore be the most motivated to see fusion energy research through to its conclusion

Ah, but I don’t hear much at all from the Bill McKibbens of this world, do you?

Now, why would that be, boys and girls? Why?