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The Roundup for March 11th, 2014

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Hello everyone, surprisingly warm day today here (it better stay like this)

International Politics


– A new Gallup poll found 68 percent of Americans are either “very closely” following or “closely” following the developments in Ukraine. A Pew poll found 56 percent of Americans were against intervention

– Numerous reports found there might be a new push for rebels to go against Assad’s government in Syria with foreign support

– John Kerry: I won’t talk to Vladimir Putin unless Putin meets our proposals on Ukraine

– U.N.: North Korea has gone around regulations by using embassies as “pit-stops” to trade weaponry; Meanwhile, Ban-Ki Moon criticizes Iran’s Hassan Rouhani for not increasing freedoms

Middle East

– The Iraqi government is currently negotiating with five armed groups in Falluja, but the ISIS aren’t interested; Meanwhile, attacks in Baghdad left five individuals dead

– An Israeli drone airstrike killed three Gaza militants, however the drone crashed due to a technical malfunction

Asia and Oceania

– Noam Chomsky: “How the US Is Playing with Fire in Asia

– Investigators are now sure Malaysia flight MH370 turned around, but aren’t sure on the rest of the details


– After a tanker with oil passed from rebel-held territory through a naval blockade, the Prime Minister of Libya has been ousted

– Al-Shabab militants in Somalia left five towns after forces drove them out in firefights


– Gallup: Last year only 71 percent of Ukrainians said they had trust in their government. Interesting to see that starting from 2006 on to contemporary times, Ukrainians were mostly unsatisfied

– Ever hear of Svoboda? For those unaware, this clip helps discuss this far-right party in Ukraine and their alarming rise in the country

– EU told Russia either to talk with Ukraine or face sanctions; Meanwhile, the EU has given nearly $700 million in trade breaks to Ukraine

– Protesters and police clashed in Turkey after the death of a 15-year-old hit by a tear-gas canister

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– Part five of seven with Michael Ratner on how both the independence movement in Puerto Rico and the system Cuba has in place influenced him greatly

– Some more historical analysis of what is occurring in Venezuela from a speech delivered at Evergreen State College

– Due to a lack of agreement, vigilantes in Mexico have faced internal strife 

Surveillance Planet

– More discussion on the government now using a secret clearance on its employees that will silence potential whistleblowers

– Edward Snowden criticizes Dianne Feinstein for her hypocrisy on criticizing the CIA, despite protecting the NSA

– Despite Michael Rogers, nominee to lead the NSA, saying the NSA should be more accountable to the public, he had no idea what solution should be made to address bulk collection concerns

– Emptywheel: “John Brennan Trolls Emptywheel Even Before He Prevaricates in Response to Dianne Feinstein

Financial Matters

– Gallup: The Gallup Economic Confidence Measure has reported -20 for the previous week, which is down from the previous measure.

– Thousands of GM cars have been recalled due to a faulty ignition switch and the U.S. is now investigating the delay

– New York has asked firms to send proposals on how to best regulate the digital currency Bitcoin

– Insurance companies are still wondering how to set after more ACA regulations come into being

– In January, employers in the U.S. posted more jobs than in December, which is probably good news

Labor’s a-Brewing

– By empowering and strengthen the jobs or potential jobs women will hold, we are removing the pressures on them in this system

– The new manufacturing job may not be something you expect compared to previous years. It’s probably a temp worker in a horrible environment

Politics US

Washington USA

– Pew: Americans are split 45-45 on whether deportation of undocumented immigrants is a good or bad thing

– Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA): The CIA should be ashamed of themselves for trying to stop our investigation into their torture programs; Meanwhile, the Obama administration is attempting to calm disputes between the two sides

– Natasha Lennard discusses how a prisoner at Gitmo brought a force-feeding issue to court

– Jon Stewart jokes on the entire Committee for Peppers and Cheeses (CPAC) that occurred last week 

– It seems the Clinton campaign in 2008 had “off-the-books” “street teams” help out with the campaign that was never reported to the FEC

– Legislation repealing taxpayer funding for political conventions and increasing funding on cancer research passed the Senate and will be heading to the President for him to sign

– Despite people signing up for the Affordable Care Act,the six million people goal might not be reached by President Obama

Anytown USA

– Websites of hate groups in the U.S. are given revenues by major online companies like PayPal, eBay and Amazon

– In the first two months of this month, 20 percent of money spent on elections came from right-wing groups

We Don’t Need No Education

– An excerpt from a book on the origin of student debt and where the blame can originally go: neoliberalism

– U.N. is reporting nearly half of the children in Syria aren’t able to get an education due to the violence in the country

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– As a result of the numerous cholera deaths, Haiti decided to sue the U.N.

The Second Sex

– Despite no abortion clinic performs abortion past 20 weeks, Mississippi decided to pass a new law against it

– Feminists working with the religious right while using leftist rhetoric? It seems these so-called feminists, in their campaign against pornography, are close-minded and misleading in their approach on what to do

Planet Earth

– This interview wonders who is responsible for the Fukushima disaster that happened three years ago

– A new study out found whenever nuclear reactors are built, the health of the surrounding community declines

– Water conservation is a major issue out in California as the drought worsens

– Greece increased the share of renewable energy 14.1 percent in 2012

– Poland announced it will look for plans to reduce its gas dependency on Russia and speed up its shale gas exploration

Mixed Bag

– A new major report from Pew Research found the internet will become more a part of our lives for both positive and negative reasons

– “McDonald’s Now Offering Bereavement Prices

– Gladwin’s “10,000 hours” argument may be far-fetched as a new studyfound other factors play into it

– Zack Galifianakis has his trademark interview with President Obama, which is humorous

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Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan

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