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Hey folks, what’s going on today?

International Politics


– The U.N. is calling for an independent investigation of drone attacks throughout the world

– CNN/ORC International: 59 percent of Americans approve of sanctions on Russia in response to its intervention in Ukraine

– The U.S. pledged it won’t recognize Crimea poll to join Russia and will threaten action if done

– Chris Hedges: “Welcome to Satan’s Ball“; On Russia and the West

Middle East

– Despite a committee in Israel extending a law for conscription to include the Orthodox, nearly half a million of Orthodox Jews demonstrated in Israel against the proposal

– The Taliban in Afghanistan threatened to attack the presidential elections next month which they cite as a sham

– It seems a Palestinian-Jordanian judge was attempting to get an Israeli soldier’s weapon, but was killed before he could. Now the Palestinian Authority wants an investigation

– Juan Cole: “A New Arab Cold War: Saudi Arabia Pressures Qatar on Muslim Brotherhood, American Think Tanks

Asia and Oceania

– An operator at the Fukushima nuclear power plant decided there may be no other choice but to dump thousands of tonnes of contaminated water into the ocean

– China has told Malaysia its search for MH370 should be sped up; Still a “mystery” on how it just went missing


– In Libya, the eastern region of the country is under rebel control and the government called for a special force to “liberate” the towns

Dan Wright

Dan Wright

Daniel Wright is a longtime blogger and currently writes for Shadowproof. He lives in New Jersey, by choice.