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The Roundup for March 10th, 2014

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Hey folks, what’s going on today?

International Politics


– The U.N. is calling for an independent investigation of drone attacks throughout the world

– CNN/ORC International: 59 percent of Americans approve of sanctions on Russia in response to its intervention in Ukraine

– The U.S. pledged it won’t recognize Crimea poll to join Russia and will threaten action if done

– Chris Hedges: “Welcome to Satan’s Ball“; On Russia and the West

Middle East

– Despite a committee in Israel extending a law for conscription to include the Orthodox, nearly half a million of Orthodox Jews demonstrated in Israel against the proposal

– The Taliban in Afghanistan threatened to attack the presidential elections next month which they cite as a sham

– It seems a Palestinian-Jordanian judge was attempting to get an Israeli soldier’s weapon, but was killed before he could. Now the Palestinian Authority wants an investigation

– Juan Cole: “A New Arab Cold War: Saudi Arabia Pressures Qatar on Muslim Brotherhood, American Think Tanks

Asia and Oceania

– An operator at the Fukushima nuclear power plant decided there may be no other choice but to dump thousands of tonnes of contaminated water into the ocean

– China has told Malaysia its search for MH370 should be sped up; Still a “mystery” on how it just went missing


– In Libya, the eastern region of the country is under rebel control and the government called for a special force to “liberate” the towns


– The Tatar Muslims in the Crimea region are cautious of the new plan for Crimea to separate from Ukraine and become a part of Russia

– Meanwhile, NATO will be deploying planes to monitor Ukraine; Meanwhile, this article discusses the question of sovereignty that Ukraine holds and the problem of fascism in the country

– One economics professor at Oxford said the austerity conducted in Greece is the same as when the Irish faced the famine

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– Anti-government protesters in Venezuela are still attempting to barricade themselves and sit-out for the long struggle; Meanwhile, a Chilean woman was killed attempting to take one down

– Guatemala’s lessons on organizing provides us with insights on how to solve our problems and how to move forward

Surveillance Planet

– Natasha Lennard discusses Edward Snowden’s remarks at SXSW and why they are significant in terms of mass surveillance

– Looks like the next person to be in charge of the NSA is against giving over the bulk of data collection to third parties

– Meanwhile, U.S. intelligence agencies will be monitoring their employees who have secret clearances

Financial Matters

– Gallup: Only 27 percent of Americans agree it’s a good time to go looking for a “quality job”

– Dean Baker: “The New York Times Budget Reporting Looks Like RT on Ukraine”

– Now it seems North Dakota won’t be the only state with a state-run bank, Vermont also decided to vote for the creation of one

– The pizza chain Sbarro (not a really good one) declared bankruptcy protection…again

– Economists at Morgan Stanley report the slow growth in the current U.S. economy may become permanent

Labor’s a-Brewing

– A new report from a national union criticized the Affordable Care Act for increasing inequality as it moves money to insurance companies

– Temp workers who are “blue collar” face abuses that are eerily similar to what farmworkers faced in the 1960s

Politics US

Washington USA

– Gallup: Congress has an approval rating of 15 percent for the month of March

– The Supreme Court sided with a private landowner who has jeopardized the railroad right-of-way bike path programs

– At Day Five of Commissioning Peanuts And Candy (CPAC), one panelist remarked those who speak on climate change are “human racists

– In a post after his victory (I guess you call it that) in a straw poll at CPAC, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) criticizes Ted Cruz and the gang without mentioning them

– Vietnam Veterans sued the government for wrongfully discharging them when they had PTSD and not helping them when it was officially recognized after they served

Anytown USA

– Pew: 61 percent of Republican voters under 30 support same-sex marriage

– Part four of seven where Michael Ratner discusses what occurred in Attica, New York with prisoners on strike there and the riot was brutally broken up

– Amount of New Yorkers who make their travels on public transportation has reached its highest in 50 years

– The Boston Marathon this year will be featuring more security guards than the year before as a result of the bombings last year

– The Israel lobby in the U.S. is trying to get Latinos on their side by offering free trips to Israel, but Latino activists are challenging those actions

– Federal prosecutors said the current Mayor in D.C. knew an off-the-books “shadow campaign” existed and did nothing to stop it

We Don’t Need No Education

– Glad to see New York City’s Department of Education establish stronger rules to protect the rights of transgender students

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

–  A new study found a new blood test could help predict Alzheimer’s Disease

The Second Sex

– In the Mormon Church, the number of women involved has tripled over the past two years

– In Detroit, Michigan, one prosecutor is attempting to get 10,000 untested rape kits processed despite budget cuts

– A new campaign in Scotland on sexual assault also also target would-be offenders

– Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) discusses how a decreased amount of money in politics and better civility would increase women in Congress

Planet Earth

– Awful news. A new Washington Post-ABC News poll found 65 percent of Americans approve of the completion of Keystone XL

– Glad to see Neil deGrasse Tyson criticize the media for giving climate deniers equal time with those who have been pleading for change.

– Uh-oh. The troubling news out of the Arctic now is that it’s melting at a quicker pace than before 

– You would think polluting groundwater would be illegal but in New Mexico the copper industry says otherwise 

– Even when it was a statement from a whistleblower to add to the evidence of TransCanada’s wrongdoing, regulators have done nothing

– Steve Horn: “Chicagoans Want the Koch Brothers to Stop Polluting The City

– Some Democratic Senators in Congress have been working diligently to have a plan to make climate change an issue this year.

– Some workers will return to a New Mexico nuclear site after operators and the Dept. of Energy made precautionary protections

Mixed Bag

– It seems, based on a prehistoric plant pollen, forests were shaped by human beings 11,000 years ago

– “Report: Ocean Levels Could Rise Foot Or More If Lots Of People Go Swimming

Break Time

Fukaki Umi No Kanata [Beyond the Deep Sea]

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Brandon Jordan

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