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Late, Late Night FDL: West End Girls

Pet Shop Boys – West End Girls

Pet Shop Boys release new song based on gay rights speech

Pet Shop Boys have recorded a new song based on a gay rights speech made by a drag queen, which had gone viral on YouTube.

Panti Bliss, already a leading gay rights figure in Ireland, saw his fame go global after making a speech condemning homophobia in Ireland at an event at Dublin’s Abbey Theatre in February. Madonna, Stephen Fry and Graham Norton were among those to send message of support to Panti, real name Rory O’Neill.

On Saturday (March 8), Pet Shop Boys posted new song ‘The Best Gay Possible’ on their website. It features all 10 minutes of the speech set to a trance track. Singer Neil Tennant wrote: “Check this out” with a link to the track, which can be heard here.

O’Neill said: “Pet Shop Boys made an amazing track out of my Noble Call speech. Seriously, they did.”

Here is that speech…

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