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earth skills Bellamy the 100

Bellamy and his paramour du jour in Earth Skills — I mean, c’mon

Aired March 26 on the CW Network.  Written by Executive Producer Jason Rothenberg, based on the book by Kass Morgan.  Directed by Dean White.

Last week’s episode was crammed full of  action in addition to copious amounts of exposition, so if you want a recap it’s here. When we last left our earthbound 100 (now down to 98), Jasper made it across the river to Mount Weather only to take a spear in the chest for his efforts.  “We’re not alone,” says Clarke.  (Ya think?)

Episode 2: Earth Skills **SPOILERS**

Thinking Jasper is a goner, Clarke, Finn, Morty and Octavia flee through the jungle, only to stumble across a human-looking ribcage and a bizarre, misshapen human-esque skull.  Suddenly they hear Jasper scream and Clarke goes racing back to where they saw him — er, gored — but Jasper is gone.

[None of this happens in the book, by the way.  There is no Finn, no Jasper, and no Morty.  It’s purely the invention of the show runners.  And a good one at that.]

On the Arc, Abbey asks how many kids they’ve lost the ability to track through their wrist bands.  It’s now 23 says Jackson, nothing they see a spike in vital signs — suggesting a pain response — just before they lose contact.  Which is what they’d expect to see in people dying of radiation poisoning.  Abbey is certain there is another explanation.

The Chancellor enters and seeing that Wells’ transmission has been terminated, believes him to be dead.  “We sent them down there to die” he says.  Kane takes this as proof that the earth is not survivable, and it’s time to start killing people so enough can survive with the air they have available on the Arc until the system is fixed.  Abbey begs for more time to establish contact with the kids on earth.

Wells digs graves for the two kids who died when the Arc crashed and brings their clothes back to camp, where everyone is going all Buckwild.  Atom tries to take the clothes away from him, but Wells says they share based on need.

Bellamy emerges from the ship with his paramour du jour, all shirtless and post coital, and says “you still don’t get it Chancellor, this is home now.  Your fathers rules don’t apply.”  (Is it just me or does the sexual swagger feel like he could go either way?  Regardless, he looks unbelievably hot.)

A mob forms when a fight breaks out between Wells and Murphy, who is trying to torture a girl for inexplicable reasons.  Wells kicks the crap out of him but everything comes to a halt when Clarke and company return to camp.  “Everything we thought we knew about the ground was wrong” she says.

“There are people here.  Survivors.” Abbey is treating Jaha’s wounds and asks him where he stands on “the culling.”  Which is appropriately morbid sounding for what they’re proposing — knocking off some 300 people.  “Unless we act everyone on the Arc will be dead in 4 months” he says.  She begs him for more time until they can establish contact with the ground.  He believes his son is dead.

Abby leaves and Kane enters.  Jaha asks him who killed him and learns it was Bellamy.

Jaha asks who would benefit the most from his death.  “If you have something to say, say it” says Kane.  Jaha wonders why Kane rushed to execute the woman who saved his life, and notes that if he’d died, Kane would be Chancellor.  “I followed the law, I did my job” he says.  “I had nothing to do with the attempt on your life.”   But he isn’t surprised it happened.  He says Jaha is too weak to do what has to be done.

Clarke won’t let Wells join the rescue crew.  She won’t let Monty go either (his skills are too valuable).  She asks Finn if he’s ready and he says he’s not going.  She calls him a coward.

Octavia wants to go but controlling Clarke won’t let her go either because of her snakefish wound — she wants Bellamy.  “I hear you have a gun.”  And why would he go with her?  “Because you want them to follow you,” she says, nodding to the throng.  “And right now they’re thinking only one of us is scared.”  Which doesn’t make too much sense when you think about it, but it sounds good in the moment.

Brave princess Bellamy Clarke

Bellamy puts Atom in charge of watching Octavia, who promises to make his life a living hell. (Does she seem to have world-class sexual manipulation skills for someone who only encountered two people, both relatives, for most of her 16 years?)

Bellamy then grabs junior psycho Murphy, who can’t quite figure out why Bellamy would be in the rescuing business.  “I want that wristband,” he says, indicating Clarke.  “Even if I have to cut her hand off to do it.”

[Murphy seems to be a much sketchier version of the book character Graham, who is always getting into it with Wells because he comes from a privileged background.  On the TV show, however,  Bellamy seems to take on Graham’s class war issues with Wells.]

On the space station, the way-too-hot-to-be-a-believable-grease-monkey Raven returns from a spacewalk and strips down to her skivvies in short order, saying that B dock sure didn’t look damaged for having just “accidentally” ejected a shuttle.  Whatever, she’s off to see Finn, her boyfriend in lockdown.  Except she’s told there’s a virus in the Skybox and there won’t be any visiting for 2 months.

Octavia grabs some schmoe and drags him into the capsule to taunt Atom, who drags the guy out by the heels and locks her in for her own good.  She finds Monty there trying to reverse-engineer the wristbands to communicate with the Arc and offers her own, but when Monty removes it, it’s dead.

Olivia confronts Abbey and asks why the vents are open to the Skybox if there’s a virus spreading.  Abby tells her it’s because the virus isn’t airborn.  Olivia calls her on the council’s BS and says she’s going to figure out what’s going on. When Finn sees Clarke take off with Bellamy and Murphy, he decides to join the party.

Bellamy taunts the lovelorn Wells saying “with Finn around, Clarke doesn’t even see you.  It’s like you’re not even here.”

Clarke and Finn wander off and have a romantic moment near a waterfall.  Finn wonders why they didn’t attack Jasper until he crossed the river.  Clarke surmises the river is a boundary — how are they going to find food if they can’t get to Mount Weather?

Atom finally releases Octavia, who tells Monty that Jasper would understand why he didn’t go on the rescue party.  Month wants to know how someone who was raised under a floor isn’t a complete psycho.  “Who says I’m not” she responds.  Atom tells her she isn’t nuts because she’s loved, and has someone who would do anything for her.  He envies that.

Abbey finds Olivia spying on the transmission room from an air duct.  Olivia tells her it’s obvious that the settlers are taking off their transmission bracelets.  Why?  “Because we told them not to”  Abbey realizes.

Olivia finds an amazing gully in the forest filled with illuminated blue butterflies.  Atom follows her there and kisses her. She kisses him back.
[In the book Olivia’s indiscretion is not making out with tough guys, but rather stealing drugs from the medical kit.  When she confesses she’s a drug addict, she’s banished from camp, and she and Bellamy leave together.]

The searchers find Jasper tied up in a tree with a poultice on his wound.

The 100 Bellamy Clarke Bellarke Pit

When Clarke runs toward Jasper she falls into a pit that’s been dug around the tree with spears in the bottom.  Bellamy grabs her and they all pull her out.  “Maybe what they’re trying to catch is us” says Finn.

At the Council meeting Abbey says that the violent criminals among the settlers are 8 times as likely to have had their transmissions stopped, which indicates to her they are safe and simply removing them.  Chancellor Jaha says his son would never take his off.  “These children need more time” says Abbey.

Kane says the inescapable fact is that for every day they delay, 10 more people will need to be sacrificed in order to extend life support for 6 months. The council votes and it’s a tie; Jaha abstains, which means another vote will be taken in 10 days.  “You have 10 days” he tells Abbey.

Murphy and Finn are cutting Jasper down when a giant cat-like creature attacks them.  Bellamy goes for his gun but finds he doesn’t have it; Wells has taken it.  He shoots the beast. “Now she sees you” says Bellamy.

Olivia knocks on a door.  “Somebody call for a mechanic?”  Abbey opens it.  “We need to talk.”  She tells Olivia that the Arc is dying, life support is on its last leg and she has 10 days to prove the earth is survivable or they will start reducing population – 320 innocent people will be killed.  She shows Olivia a creaky 130 year-old pod. “You have 9 days to get this ready so I can survive the drop.”  Olivia agrees — but says she’s coming too.

That night the searchers return to the camp with Jasper as well as the dead cat.  “Who’s hungry?!” says Bellamy to rousing cheers. Clarke is tending to Jasper when Finn approaches her and gives her a little tin unicorn he fashioned.

Cross-fade to the same unicorn on a pendant being worn by Olivia as she readies the pod.

Abbey, Kane and Jaha watch as more settler transmissions go dead.  Cut to the camp fire on earth where settlers line up to have their bracelets removed in exchange for food. “No way, I won’t do it” says Clarke.  Finn tries to take food from the fire but Murphy stops him.  “I thought there were no rules” says Finn.

Another settler tries to take food too.  Bellamy punches him.

Bellamy finds Atom and Octavia making out in the forest.  “Atom,” he says. Uh-oh, bustado. “C’mon, you’re on first watch.”

Bellamy, Murphy and some other toughs string Atom up in a stress position in a tree.  “You’re not just going to leave me here” he says.  “I won’t be disobeyed” says Bellamy.

Clarke and Finn share food, their wrist bands intact.  But in the distance, they’re being watched by a creature in a menacing mask that could be human, but it most certainly not one of the settlers.

[This is pretty much the point where the book ends, as the settlers realized they are being watched] Body Count:  Still 99

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