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Late Night: Opera Bouffe

They are reading her emails

Some of the things that happen in the Orwellian dystopia formerly known as America really ought to be funny, if they weren’t so alarming. Let’s say that the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (hereinafter SSCI), a body not known for for its dogged oversight of the Surveillance State and its enforcers, spends years looking into torture and so forth, and is spied upon throughout by the alleged perpetrators, and STILL may not release the report, because, well, appearances, or something.

You see, when you’re told that no one is reading your emails, that’s probably true, unless you happen to be investigating crimes, and more than usually heinous ones, at that, committed by a spy agency. Then, they’re all over you like Fox News on a welfare recipient. Curiously, only Mark Udall and a couple of other Senators seemed to see anything wrong with this. As Emptywheel wrote earlier, it’s woefully unlikely that the committee will vote to release the report, despite being controlled by Democrats.

In short, a long-overdue examination of despicable criminality falsely justified by ridiculous claims of “effectiveness,” is about to slide down the ever more gaping Memory Hole, without a peep even from those who were personally targeted for abuses. On the committee charged with “oversight.” Forget looking forward, not back, things have gone circular. It’s become sort of a Conga line of authoritarians for the little people to watch.

It was comforting, back in the day, to think that once Bush was gone, this would all end, just as it is now disheartening and infuriating to find that if anything, it’s worse, now that Obama and (most) democrats have granted barbarism and Big Brother a bipartisan makeover. The only potential 2016 candidate to oppose any of this is, sadly, Rand Paul, and he, too, will drop it like a hot potato if he ever gets within a country mile of the nomination.

While I can’t help a slight chuckle at the delicious irony of, say, Dianne Feinstein or Mike Rogers being spied upon by the spooks they love so much, a good funny story has gone completely to waste, because it’s true. As Oscar Wilde put it, “the good end well and the bad end badly. That’s why they call it fiction.”

Photo by David Lee used under Creative Commons license

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