Kerry Sells Out Jewish Relatives with Billion Dollars to Nazi Coup — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)



The above video shows Ku Klux Klan flags hung in Kiev City Hall by Nazi coup collaborators. They’re there to threaten and intimidate Ukraine’s Jews. The Ukrainian Nazi Party changed its name to the “Freedom Party” (Svoboda).

The photo one-tenth down this page shows US Secretary of State John Kerry shaking hands with two of the Ukraine’s coup leaders, who are now leaders in the “interim” Government which has – through deadly Terrorist violence – replaced the elected Government there.

Protesters in the Ukraine demonstrations and the regime’s police were both being killed by the same Assassins, possibly CIA snipers ordered to cause chaos in the Ukraine by our President. (The Central Intelligence Agency [CIA] is a Neo-Nazi international Terrorist crime syndicate with which President Obama is closely allied: He is its titular head.)

The Terrorism in the streets that overthrew Ukraine’s legitimate Government was led by demonstrators loyal to and allied with the Ukrainian National Socialist [Nazi] Party, which recently changed its name to Svoboda, meaning “Freedom.” Svoboda officially calls for ‘restrictions’ on “Moscovites, Germans, Jews and other scum.”

Of Jewish ancestry through his paternal grandfather, Kerry (a practicing Catholic) is ironically helping to instigate attacks against Jews like his own relatives by delivering this billion dollar package to the coup leaders.

The three Ukrainian provinces bordering Poland all voted 30-40% Nazi in the last election. The growing Nazi influence in the country is obviously related to US spying and Propaganda efforts.

I wonder if some of the Propaganda propping up the pro-Nazi protests was promoted by Pierre Omidyar, whose First Look Media, many of us are hoping, will not be pushing far-Right Propaganda, or trying to trick us into supporting a poor choice. I guess that’s about all I have to say.




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