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Calling All Minnesotans! Whip Your State Senators Re: Minimum Wage Hike

As ably limned for some time now by the incomparable Sally Jo Sorensen of Bluestem Prairie, the Minnesota state legislature has been pondering raising the state’s minimum wage, a long-overdue move. (How overdue? Look at the graphic in this post. All our neighbor states have higher minimum wages than we do.) Right now, there’s a deadlock between the House and Senate conference committees, a deadlock that needs to be broken for the legislation to succeed.

To that end, a whip count’s been created over at Bluestem.

Y’all know what to do. Go to it!


Map of minimum wages in Minnesota and surrounding states, Via MinnPost and Bluestem Prairie, Source: Department of Labor Map image: CC/Wikimedia/Theshibboleth (above)

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