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Venezuela: What CNN (or CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, etc.) Won’t Tell You

The powers that be want Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution to fail

Here is something you’ll never see in any mainstream US media:

Back in 2003, because it did not control the oil industry, the government had not yet delivered much on its promises. A decade later, poverty and unemployment have been reduced by more than half, extreme poverty by more than 70%, and millions have pensions that they did not have before. Most Venezuelans are not about to throw all this away because they have had a year and a half of high inflation and increasing shortages. In 2012, according to the World Bank, poverty fell by 20 percent– the largest decline in the Americas. The recent problems have not gone on long enough for most people to give up on a government that has raised their living standards more than any other government in decades.

The powers that be want Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution to fail because it’s Venezuela’s oil money that’s helped free the rest of Latin America from the tyranny of the disaster capitalism of the World Bank and IMF. Once Venezuela fully develops its Orinoco heavy-oil reserves, they can then export the revolution beyond Latin America.

Why does that scare Big Business (and Big Politicians) so? Think about one of the reasons labor unions did so well in the decades spanning the 1920s through the 1960s: It was because they could always point to the Soviet Union and say “If you don’t give us what we want, we could do what they did — confiscate your wealth, and dump it into the greater economy. The Russians did that, and turned a backwards boyar-ridden land into one of the world’s superpowers inside of two decades.” So long as Venezuela remains unconquered, they represent an example of a lefty nation that is on its way to greatness despite everything its enemies throw at it.

Something you will never see in any major US newspaper, much less on any major US TV newscast.

For more news of this sort, see also this article.

Photo by Ricardo Patiño, used under Creative Commons license

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