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Hillary Clinton Compares Putin To Hitler; US Prepares Billion Dollar Aid Package For Ukraine

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Was the Holocaust a unique historical event or is every leader that does something the US doesn’t like Adolf Hitler? According to the Long Beach Press Telegram the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton claimed that what was happening in Ukraine today was like what happened with Nazi Germany. Clinton told an audience at a fundraiser that Russian President Putin’s use of ethnic Russians to help justify intervention was like what Adolf Hitler did to annex other countries saying “Now, if this sounds familiar, it’s what Hitler did back in the ‘30s.”

Does President Obama own a copyright on “Hope and Change” or can Clinton use it in 2016?

Meanwhile the Obama Administration has put together a billion dollar aid package for opposition forces in Ukraine. So the US will supply serious financial support for the anti-Russian forces within Ukraine while decrying Russian intervention. After announcing support for the opposition Secretary of State John Kerry said the US wanted free and fair elections. Seriously.

In remarks after introducing his 2015 budget, President Obama said the $1 billion aid package would “stabilize the economy in Ukraine, help to make sure that fair and free elections take place very soon and as a consequence help de-escalate the crisis.” He called on Congress to work with his Administration to finance the package.

The announcement came as Secretary of State John Kerry visited Kiev, where he visited a memorial to slain protestors in the capital city’s Maidan Square, and met with the new Ukrainian leadership at the Verkhovna Rada, the country’s parliament.

There’s hypocrisy and there is this. The US helps overthrow the elected president, offers a billion dollar bribe, then celebrates the return of free elections. Are people outside the US media bubble supposed to take this seriously?

But Kerry apparently thinks he is bribing the best people.

Kerry reaffirmed U.S. support for the interim government in Ukraine, and called the Rada “the most representative institution” in the country following the ouster of former President Viktor Yanukovcych. “We will stand with the people of Ukraine,” he said.

You heard it first, the people allied with US interests are the “most representative” which is why they are getting a billion dollars. No austerity as far as the empire is concerned, that’s for Americans.

In any case talks are set to begin between the US and Russia on the crisis in Ukraine later today.

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Hillary Clinton Compares Putin To Hitler; US Prepares Billion Dollar Aid Package For Ukraine

Dan Wright

Dan Wright

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