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The Roundup for March 3rd, 2014

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Hey folks, how are you this day?

International Politics


– The situation developing in Ukraine is one where it’s the failure of capitalism as fascists spring forth and imperial powers intervene. This article defends Russia’s actions as a “lesser evil” against the other neo-liberal powers. Or, as this other article mentions,are these the consequences of NATO/U.S. since the 1990s? All in all, the U.S. and Russia are facing a large rift over this

– An envoy from Russia to the U.N. remarks ousted Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych requested Russian troops, which total 16,000 according to Ukraine

– EU to Russia: Get your troops out of Ukraine or face sanctions. Meanwhile, Russian markets have plunged and the country is threatening the Ukraine to pay billion dollar debt or face higher gas prices

Middle East

– This is just difficult to even write. The Iraqi government is killing civilians in the Falluja region.

– Pew: More Americans prefer for the U.S. to be less involved in the dispute between Israel and Palestine. Meanwhile, Netanyahu states he’s doing all he can for peace, while Obama says more can be done

– Dave Zirin: “After Latest Incident, Israel’s Future in FIFA Is Uncertain

– Despite a good number of Palestinians making up the population of Israel, they are barely seen in in the Israeli media.

Here’s an article discussing what’s happening on the campaign trail in Afghanistan, and perhaps a peaceful election

– President Hamid Karzai: The war here in Afghanistan wasn’t in our interest and I express “extreme anger” at the U.S. government, not the people, for its actions

– In Bahrain, a bomb went off killing three police officers, which is the worst in terms of casualties the country has faced in months

– Drone strikes killed 10 people in Yemen with four suspected al-Qaeda affiliates killed in the attack

– In southern Iraq, oil workers are protesting not being paid

Asia and Oceania

– After the gruesome knife massacre in one town over the weekend, Chinese police have arrested the suspects 

– In Islamabad, Pakistan, 11 lawyers in a court complex were killed by a mixture of gunfire and suicide bombers 


31 people in northeastern Nigeria were killed by Islamic militants in the region as the death toll is surpassing the hundreds over the past month

– The military junta government in Egypt sentenced policemen for the death of an activist that factored in the overthrow of Mubarak 


– With just a small number of protesters in Ukraine, the U.S.-supported coup there shows the clash between two superpowers in this country

– Here’s an in-depth article on the protests in Ukraine discussing the influence of fascists in the protests

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– Despite Carnival, protests in Venezuela continue in the streets; Leopoldo Lopez, a deceitful elitist, called for more opposition protests

Surveillance Planet

– Michael Ratner discusses how the power of intelligence agencies is against a free press

– Noam Chomsky: “Security and State Power

Financial Matters

– Chris Hedges: “Suffering? Well, You Deserve It

Here’s a neat calculator where you can plug in your income to see how much would be if it were rising as fast as the income of the top one percent

– Gallup: In terms of consumer spending for February, Gallup reports Americans spent $87 per day on average, which is up from $78.

– Journalist Kevin Roose discusses his experience sneaking into a secret Wall Street society in this The Real News interview

– This article discusses the First Look Media venture and its tie to income inequality as a whole (one written out of respect for those cautious)

– A federal judge probes Citigroup to see if it’s following laws relating to money laundering 

Labor’s a-Brewing

– The decision on whether Amazon workers should be paid when they wait on line to clear security checks rests in the with the Supreme Court.

Politics US

Washington USA

– Dean Baker: “President Obama, the Do-Gooder

– Michelle Goldberg discusses why Adolph Reed Jr.’s article in Harper’s is nihilism in contrast to a Democratic Party promoting itself in a new way. Reed responds by repeating what he said in the article how the current Democratic left has abandoned all hope of change 

Anytown USA

– Gallup: 66 percent of Americans have a favorable view of Michelle Obama, a consistent figure over the past few years

– A man, who let go of a life of crime after not going to prison, decided to raise a family and participate in his community. Now the state of Missouri wants him to go to jail for that crime he didn’t go to jail for

We Don’t Need No Education

– Here is an interactive graph showing the declining support universities have over the past 25 years by state

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– A new study from Dartmouth College found trying to convince anti-vaccine parents actually makes them more skeptical 

– The FDA announced generic “Plan B” pills will be sold without any age restrictions at pharmacies

– Health care costs are out of control and unions in San Francisco are lowering them as much as possible

The Second Sex

– Here’s a very interesting view on why universities barely go after sexual assaults on their campus: It’s all about the money

– Among the world’s richest billionaires, women are becoming more visible (but the bourgeoisie is still the bourgeoisie so who cares)

– 31 students and alumni of UC Berkeley filed a federal complaint against the school for not doing enough to stop sexual assault, particularly in their own cases

– One female comedian writes how jaded she is about utterly inane questions like whether female comedians are funny and other ridiculous ones

Planet Earth

Here’s some more information on the nearly 400 people who were arrested outside the White House protesting the Keystone XL pipeline

– It’s been four years since the 2010 Deepwater Horizon spill caused by corporate negligence. There is still tar in the Gulf to clean up unfortunately

– The bad news just keeps on rolling as the flood risk for Europe will double by the year 2050. So will the destruction.

The damaging lie about Fukushima continues by international agencies and even the government of Japan

– Activists are demanding closer regulation on Great Lakes pipelines to prevent spills

– A powerful snowstorm left Washington D.C. closed for the entire day

Mixed Bag

Here’s a map showing the cost of a haircut throughout the U.S.

– “Report: Good Thing World Has Unlimited Quantity Of Oil

Break Time

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Brandon Jordan

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