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Over Easy: Monday Science

You nuked our Ocean, so here we come

Good Morning!

As I write this, it is 7:20am We JUST got power back here, so this will be somewhat short.

Fukushima Update:

TEPCO admits to significantly undercounting radiation. And MSM is finally taking notice.  Even Fox! And yet again from Fox! Fox may become our best source of Fuku info, as they are not directly connected to the Nuke industry like NBC/ABC are. And they would like to expose Obama’s lies about the situation, but at the same time they’re pro-nuke. And it looks like GE is losing control of their anchors.

The professionals are coming around to my viewpoint: The core for #3 is scattered about in pieces. JG and TEPCO have probably been aware of this since the “different” explosion at #3. That explosion looks more and more like a nuclear incursion.

They’re gradually admitting the other cores melted through containment. And into the ground. But you knew that long ago, if you were paying attention. Nothing to see here, citizen…

Now this story has several scary items bundled into one. They are finding very high levels of Cs in  reservoirs OUTSIDE the evac zones. The water has been used for farming, meaning that entire farms outside the zone may have been contaminated. They tested a little more than half the ponds, and about a third of those were hot. Only 108 of the 576 are in the evac zone. 5 of the ones OUTSIDE the zone read above 100,000Bq. The JG’s relaxed limit is 8,000Bq.

Did the marine animals sense the badness and flee to the US west coast?

TEPCO admits 201 incidents at Fuku. Worker onsite says more like 1,000 or one a day. Scroll down for the original 201 report.

And I have run out of time, talking only about Fuku. Sorry, but it would appear that I have no time for good news.

Boxturtle (And it took me three tries to get the picture right. *sigh* Long day ahead)

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