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Video: This Is How Spying Is Already Destroying This Country

The clip from Democracy Now shows what the federal government has done and will continue to do with information they gather from spying on us. In the case present, these noble Doctors looking to report that the FDA is sanctioning a radiation machine that is less effective than existing equipment and would blast the patient/victim with hundreds of times than the dosage of the more effective machines.

These doctors were spied on by what appears to be Optic Nerve, Keystroke and other means. The FDA, in part, intercepted their communications to the federal office that was set up to let federal employees report such malfeasance. Think of the effect this had/has on these noble doctors. What is the effect on every spineless doctor who sits there and tacitly supports it with his/her silence.

This is how we strip the good out of the system and are left with just shit. The FDA is the gatekeeper for PHARMA. This example where they are going to these extents as an organization, nobody has gone rogue here, shows the depth of the corruption these despots engage in/ remain silent on. That they are doing it to give us a radiation death machine is Evil Orwellian. Why does that not land the complicit parties in jail for the rest of their lives? Why?

This example here is a harbinger of what is to come. They, the federal government, can not be trusted with this power, they always abuse it, not to keep us safe, to keep us compliant to the wishes of the one percent.

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