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Livestream links for XL Dissent March

Happening now, Sunday 3/2/14 outside the White House.

Please add your thoughts, updates and links below in the comments. Thank you!


live streams up and down…

1:29 James back up

1:13 Rootsmedia up….then down

Chanting…”We are fighting global warming-this is our second warning! We are fighting global warning-this is our final warning!”

12:58 Amiris is still streaming…

Try here


Thanks to marym in IL for this:

“Some of the livestream links require some Adobe Flash that I don’t have. This one doesn’t

People chained to the fence now.

Whole world, please watch if you can.”


12:19 pm Some activists now locking wrists onto fence around White House.

12:24 Staging a die in…

12:27 Livestream broadcaster estimates 400-500 arrests eminent, certainly those locked onto WH fence.

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