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maya1971: the chaos and thuggery inside Ukraine

During the Ukraine crisis, it has been exceptionally difficult to figure out what exactly is going on there. The best on-the-ground source I’ve found is maya1971, a commenter at The Guardian who very much seems to be a non-aligned, authentic Ukrainian populist/patriot. If you want to understand why so many across Ukraine are resisting the new Kiev regime, mainly but not only in the Russian-speaking parts of Ukraine, read this part of one of her March 1 comments, which I’ve edited for paragraphing and ‘English mistakes’:

… it is not reported anywhere but the new regime … has asked every civil and public service official in all major cities to resign if they belong to the party of the run-away president. If they refuse to resign, they are forced to do so under threat of harm to them personally and/or their families. The same happens to every police and military official.

Of course these officials are not white and fluffy bunnies by any means, but they are citizens of Ukraine and many of them have simply been going to work every day and trying to do their jobs, not matter how badly, one might say. But, there was no court or proper legal action taken against anybody. It simply is a dismissal by force.

Hatred and a sense of revenge have been planted amongst many. Nobody is trying to understand anything anymore, there is only a sense of unlimited rage and despair.

Why aren’t these roving bands of neo-mafiosi enforcers ‘news’ in the West? Why are we being denied important news? I hate that!

Another maya1971 comment tells us a lot about life in Ukraine, though it is directly a response to Vitaly Klitschko’s call for a “general mobilization” following the Russian parliament decision to approve deployment of troops to Crimea (again, I correct for ‘English mistakes’:

What mobilization is he calling for? There are not even traffic police on the streets, no orders, no control, only some sort of self-proclaimed, self-appointed “people’s patrols,” consisting of unspecified, unknown people in masks. Even in Kiev, who is he going to mobilize? There is no such thing as yet that one could call a democratically elected government, or president. The army, whatever is left of it, if there is any at all, have sworn their allegiances to the previous government and president. Those cowards have run away, and new thugs have taken over. Who wants to die for these people?

As for myself, I just keep attacking the hopelessly neoconservative, warmongering mainstream media, in the form of The Guardian. You’d think the self-consciously ‘progressive/liberal’ Guardian would hold on to some objectivity or humanity even these days, but on Ukraine it’s pure embarrassing and warmongering neoconservative propaganda. Here is one of my comments, placed under the Guardian piece entitled “Ukraine places forces on combat alert and threatens war as UN security council meets“:

The Kiev regime, installed by neo-Nazi paramilitaries fire-bombing the parliament and physically intimidating legislators, is not “Ukraine.” The Guardian should begin to retrace its steps — those weren’t “protesters” who overthrew the government last week. Also, after the takeover, the Guardian decided NOT to report the first act of the new government — the revoking of Russian (and other minority language speakers’) language rights. Everything that counters the Western anti-Russian spin has deliberately been ignored, and now the Guardian is stuck in a neoconservative, warmongering narrative that I’m sure Victoria Nuland absolutely loves.

Oh what the heck, here’s another quick one:

What the Guardian doesn’t understand is that a city council in Donetsk has more popular and democratic legitimacy than the Kiev regime installed by right-wing thugs and U.S. money. The Kiev coup government could start toward legitimacy by jailing those who were firebombing the parliament building and intimidating legislators with physical violence a week ago.

Picture from Sara licensed under Creative Commons

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