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Tonight’s video is George Takei on Democracy Now! discussing his life, and the recent veto of the Arizona anti-gay law.

A rainbow cake baked for LGBTQ pride

A moist, frosted vision of conservative hell on earth.

Judson Phillips, president of Tea Party Nation, shared a vision of the terrifying slippery slope into utter lawlessness that starts with not discriminating against LGBTQ folks. It begins with penis cakes, and ends with Nazi weddings. Via Right Wing Watch:

Should a devote baker be required to create a cake for a homosexual wedding that has a giant phallic symbol on it or should a baker be required to create pastries for a homosexual wedding in the shape of genitallia [sic]? Or should a photographer be required to photograph a homosexual wedding where the participants decide they want to be nude or engage in sexual behavior? Would they force a Jewish photographer to work a Klan or Nazi event? How about forcing a Muslim caterer to work a pork barbeque dinner?

Thanks to the Raw Story and M. Christian for the link.

Have you checked out Transparent yet? It’s a new Amazon streaming show which The Bilerico Project says “could take trans issues mainstream.”

[T]he pilot episode of this half-hour (dark) dramatic comedy was released by Amazon Studios earlier this month. […] You can watch the pilot for free until March 1, and leave some feedback if you want to see more. The pilot was written and directed by Jill Soloway (United States of Tara, Six Feet Under), and features Jeffrey Tambor (Arrested Development) as the family patriarch (a familiar role) […] but Transparent is groundbreaking because the protagonist is a transgender woman.

[…] When asked about the pilot’s timing relative to the recent increase in transgender visibility in the media, Soloway said in a recent interview for Vulture: ‘The fact that this happens to seem like a real moment for a national discussion about gender is for me just part of the perfection of how it all turned out. It really was never my original intention. I always saw the father’s transition in the show as a metaphor for the way people in families don’t necessarily stay put in the places where we would like them to be.’

And The Atlantic has an interview with bisexual polyamorous lawyer Diana Adams, about her lifestyle and how she uses law to help others like her:

I remember from a very young age realizing that I was bisexual, and that I tended to be attracted to many different people at the same time. I really think that polyamory for me is an orientation, like being heterosexual or homosexual. Humans in general have a hard time with monogamy. That’s always been the case. We used to have a sense that it was acceptable for husbands to go out and have other lovers, but with the shift to egalitarianism, rather than to say that woman could do that too, we’ve gone in the other direction. […] We put so much emphasis on a partner being everything—that this person completes you—and when that doesn’t happen it creates a lot of pressure. I don’t think that open relationships are for everyone but it’s something that you should no longer feel ashamed to talk about at a time when so many marriages are failing.


Our laws are about 20 years behind what families actually look like. I’m working to create alternatives to marriage, because I think that if we could choose marriage affirmatively instead of it being a default, it would make relationships stronger. Marriage is an incredibly intense contract. It’s a legal-financial contract that you’re making, declaring that you’re going to be the other person’s social welfare state and safety net if they screw up. I mean, you’re signing the most important document you’ll sign in your life and people read it less carefully than a cell phone contract. People have no idea what they’re actually committing to and are horrified a lot of times when they find out.

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Photo by Dan DeLuca released under a Creative Commons license.

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