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Republicans Lead in the Generic Ballot

At this point, Republicans hold the advantage

With the campaign season just beginning a new CBS News/New York Time poll shows Republicans with a modest lead in the generic ballot. If the election were held today 42 percent would vote for the Republican in their district while only 39 percent would vote for the Democrat.

With Democrats having a much worse Senate map to deal with, they can’t afford to be losing the generic ballot. While it is still likely Democrats will hold onto the Senate there is a real chance they could lose control of the chamber.

A big problem for Democrats is that President Obama is not popular. His job approval rating is a disappointing 41 percent approve to 51 percent disapprove

One bright spot in the poll for Democrats, though, is that their image is better than that of the Republican party. The poll found 53 percent of people have a negative view of the Democratic party while 43 percent view it positively. Although not good, this is still better than the Republican party which is view negatively by 61 percent of Americans while only 33 percent have a positive opinion of the party.

Image by DonkeyHotey under Creative Commons license

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